Choosing Sight Without Glasses and Contact Lenses

Choosing Sight Without Glasses and Contact Lenses 1

Three amazing, dynamic woman share their life changing stories after choosing Laser Vision Correction.

LASIK is the safest, most effective, life changing elective outpatient surgical procedure of any kind, of all time. Most of you with refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia may be good candidates for LASIK like Jessica van Heerden.

Choosing Sight Without Glasses and Contact Lenses 2

Jessica van Heerden

Content creator & Youtuber
Laser Vision Correction (LASIK)

The reason I needed LASIK was due to my astigmatism and short-sightedness. The morning directly after my procedure, I could not believe that I could see. It was a life-changing experience for me to wake up and have clear vision straight away. I cannot believe I have not done this at an earlier stage of my life. Wearing glasses and putting in contact lenses everyday became a daily chore for me, and now I love that I can just ‘wake up and do life’. It would’ve helped so much if I’ve done this sooner, it is a big life-changer that I’ve needed a long time ago.

Our eyes are not all the same, for some of you LASIK may not be the ideal procedure. You may still qualify for transPRK which is similar to LASIK but has a longer healing time. Below we also share Nureen and Karishma Ramdev’s journeys to visual freedom. Both of them had transPRK. For very high myopia secondary implantable lenses may be a better option. You can think of this as similar to contact lenses that are implanted in the eye.

Choosing Sight Without Glasses and Contact Lenses 3

Karishma Ramdev

Medical doctor & content creator
Laser Vision Correction (TransPRK)

At the age of 13 years old, I was diagnosed with myopia. Even with glasses on I still could never see with crystal clear vision and contacts would irritate my eyes. I felt so limited – and my vision just got worse and worse. I also never wore sunglasses as that meant I’d have to wear contact lenses and I never wanted to do that unnecessarily. After my laser vision correction, I could see everything in Ultra HD quality. It felt like the entire world had these minute details that I never noticed before. It was the most incredible feeling. I am quite an active person so having clear vision and not having to think about glasses or contacts has made me feel so carefree – I am eternally grateful for this. This is a LIFE-CHANGING procedure. I would recommend it to everyone who considers it and I hope that you are a candidate because this is the best gift you could ever give yourself – the gift of sight!

Choosing Sight Without Glasses and Contact Lenses 4


Skincare, Fashion & Beauty content creator
Laser Vision Correction (TransPRK)

I had very bad eyesight and could not see without my glasses and contacts. Wearing glasses and contacts was extremely uncomfortable and caused headaches and strained my eyes. The ease and convenience of not having to wear glasses and contacts is amazing. Everyday life is now so effortless, and I can do activities more efficiently.

My hobby is content creation and I can now shoot content and focus on my camera and laptop screen without any difficulty! This procedure is life-changing, the sooner you do it, the better!

Most ladies just accept the fact that they cannot see clearly without glasses or contacts as a given. It becomes part of your beauty routine and soon you don’t even realize that you spend 10 minutes a day cleaning your contacts. That adds up to 60 hours in a year! The secret to clear vision is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking this complex, overwhelming problem of not seeing clearly into small manageable tasks. Start off by booking an advanced ocular analysis with a refractive surgeon to find out what your options are.

Join the Clear Vision Revolution: If you’ve been considering laser vision correction, let these influencers’ stories inspire you to choose seeing clearly with your own eyes.

Disclaimer: #SponsoredSandtonEyeClinc #MenlynEyeClinic | Complimentary procedure to share journey to visual freedom. Glasses are safe because there is no medical procedure involved. If you are happy to wear glasses LASIK is not for you. LASIK is a lifestyle procedure providing unaided vision. According to research the cumulative risk of contact lenses may be more than LASIK. Three-Year Longitudinal Survey Comparing Visual Satisfaction with LASIK and Contact Lenses   

Written by Dr Yolandie 

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Choosing Sight Without Glasses and Contact Lenses 5

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