Consulting a consultant

Consulting a consultantYour face is your window to the world. To enhance it with non-surgical, anti-ageing treatments, it’s wise to make absolutely certain you are putting it in the best possible hands. So do your homework thoroughly before selecting a cosmetic doctor.

Here is my advice for finding a cosmetic doctor for your non-surgical, anti-ageing procedures:

As with any profession, go to a specialist. Find a cosmetic doctor specifically, and not another type of doctor, such as a GP who also dabbles in anti-ageing, non-surgical procedures.

Start by looking up the different anti-ageing, non-surgical doctors and clinics online. Their website will give you a good indication of their professionalism and the extent of the anti-ageing procedures they offer.

Find out how many patients the practise has and how long it has been established.

Make sure that only a qualified doctor, and not a therapist or beauty consultant, injects your botox or dermal fillers, as an in-depth knowledge of facial muscles, arteries and veins is crucial.

Establish how long the doctor has been injecting for and how many patients they have injected. A proficient injector will have performed injectables on at least 2,000 patients.

Get quotes for your desired procedures. There should be no pressure tactics to proceed. Go away and think about it. If you are pressurised into any procedure by a doctor, or anyone in their practise, walk way.

Beware of discounted anti-ageing products, like botox for R999. Botox is sold in units, and R1,000 worth of botox is only 16 units. To give you an idea, the average female needs about 45 to 50 units and a male 55 to 60 units to achieve a wrinkle free brow. So 16 units is not nearly enough. Also be aware that dilution of botox with saline does occur at unethical practises.

Follow-up and monitoring of each patient after a procedure is important. So stay away from ‘gypsy injectors’. These are doctors who rotate to different clinics or practises. They have no fixed clinic/s of their own, no dedicated back-up staff, website, fixed-line contact numbers or doctors on tap. Should anything go wrong, it will be far more difficult to return on short notice for a corrective treatment.

Choose a clinic that is not biased to one or two skincare products just because they are the only ones they stock. If you want skincare choices and balanced advice, choose a clinic that stocks a wide range of products.

Look out for the usual signs like a gold or silver plaque with the doctor’s qualifications. Also check out the premises of the cosmetic doctor. Are they upmarket, situated in good areas, scrupulously clean with all the latest technology, and have professionally trained therapists?

Investigate whether the lasers that the clinic uses are original and not cheap, less effective copycats.

Don’t chop and change cosmetic doctors if you don’t get the intended result. Make sure to let the doctor know so they can address your concern.

Make sure you find out the average result of all cosmetic procedures before you proceed so you have realistic expectations.

What a professional cosmetic doctor will want to know…
The first consult should be an interview process where your full medical history is taken and you get to ask the doctor questions. A professional cosmetic doctor will want to know what procedures you have had in the past, what your expectations are, and what your budget is so they do not exceed it.

For further anti-ageing advice, give Skin & Body Renewal a call on 0861 263 972 or visit 

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