Deodorant heaven: a product for every need

Deodorants and anti-perspirants from Mitchum, Dove, Shield and Avon

The deodorant aisle must be one of the most daunting in the entire store: rows and rows of anti-perspirants – how can you possible know which is the best?

Different formulations work for different people, so we’ve rounded up the best of the best, to help you find your favourite:

If you sweat excessively… Try Eucerin Anti-Perspirant Intensive Pump Spray, R99.99
This 72-hour pump spray is clinically proven to minimise perspiration and odour. It reduces sweat by up to 91% and is designed for those who sweat more than the norm.

If you love your colourful clothing… Try the Dove Invisible Dry 100 Colours range, R17.99 – R25
Tested on 100 colours, this range offers 48-hour protection without staining your beautiful clothes. The micro fine translucent particles keep your garments white-mark-free – no matter what colour they are!

If you love your blacks and whites… Try the Shield Invisible Black + White range, R16.99 – R22.99
Anti white marks, anti yellow stains and anti-sweat, it keeps you dry for up to 48 hours and has an odour-control formulation. No more yellow marks on your whites or white marks on your blacks!

If you want some fragrance from your deo… Try Avon Aspire Essence Roll On, R29.95
Part of the Avon Aspire fragrance range, this deodorant allows you to layer the Aspire scent, and match it to your fragrance.

If you like a gel formulation… Try Mitchum Advanced Gel Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant, R47.99
Known for its long-lasting protection, Mitchum brings you their most advanced formula in this gel anti-perspirant. It releases pure oxygen, which is a natural odour fighter, plus it’s quick drying too!

If you love a stick application… Try Mitchum Advanced Invisible Solid Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant, R49.99
The trusty Mitchum formula in a stick shape – perfect for those who dislike aerosol cans, or sticky deodorants that take long to dry.

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