Does lemon juice lighten dark marks?

Lemon juice to lighten dark marksI have actually heard of some patients trying this and having results on very light, superficial pigmentation. By all means if you want to give it a try, I would suggest you apply it at night and wash your skin in the morning. I’m sure it will give your skin a nice “overall” glow for a while, but in terms of actually lightening pigmented areas, I am quite doubtful that you will see any significant difference. But with all things… as long as it’s safe and it’s not going to harm you, it cannot damage you to try and make your own conclusions.

Some people really swear by using this method for “home peeling.” Obviously there is no “protocol” for how to perform this… so if you really are keen to try it, I would say just work with your skin by responding to how you skin feels and reacts step by step. Obviously lemon juice, even though it is acidic, is very different from peel solutions that have been through various processes that concentrate them and stabilise them in laboritories, so it is not going to be anywhere near the strength of a proper peeling product. So by all means if you are really keen then go by how you feel. I am not a fan of patients performing actual peels at home, unfortunately, I have seen too many disaster cases! Having said that though, there are one or two products out there that make a “home peeling kit“, which is very carefully formulated and made at higher pH so as to risk the peel going too deep and causing problems for the patient… They do still have to be used with caution. One that I am familiar with and have seen few problems with, is the Nimue kit.

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39 Responses

  1. Lemons can be a little bit harsh on the skin so be really careful when applying to sensitive areas.

  2. Great article. I knew it doesn’t really work. I think using lemons is just a bit too extreme.

  3. I have tried this myself, it really does work. Even on your nails if you have got yellow stained nails.

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