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Get healthy, glowing skin

Get healthy, glowing skinDull skin is a sign of ageing, but it also says ‘It’s winter and my skin knows it’. Banish a less-than radiant complexion, and follow our cheats guide to getting your glow (back) on.

Exfoliation’s BFF

A regular exfoliation schedule (aim to do this once to twice per week) is a must but adding a mask into the mix helps to boost the look and feel of your skin. The pros often advise you swap mechanical exfoliation (think scrubbing your skin with a granular product) for chemical exfoliation instead. This type of exfoliation is a winner because it helps with cell renewal and brightening pigmentation. Combining your exfoliation routine with a mask (choose something that’ll boost glow and hydration) means that because the dead layer of skin, which stops your mask from sinking in properly, is removed, your masking treatment will be able to work better.

A serum has star power

The correct way to use any type of serum is to layer it under your moisturiser. So if you’re using a serum in the morning, it needs to ‘sit’ under your day cream and ditto at night: apply it after cleansing your skin and before your nourishing nighttime moisturiser. Serum’s can really help bring luminosity back to skin but choose carefully – these babies are investment treatment products. We love Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator (R625 for 30ml) because it helps with a long list of skin bugbears: from helping to reduce the appearance of dark spots to softening acne scarring.

Let us spray

In the 90’s the supermodels began spritzing their skins silly with Evian water and we quickly followed suit. But now facial mists are big business and helpful in the quest for a dewy glow.

‘Not only do they boost hydration and radiance but spraying on a facial mist helps to cool down the skin and sometimes removes the need for powder,’ says Sylvie Hurford, make-up artist for L’Oreal Paris South Africa.

And another thing: if you’ve gone too heavy with your foundation or powder, lightly misting your skin adds much-needed radiance and dewiness quickly, she says.

When all else fails, use make-up

So you’ve committed to regular exfoliation and masking and you’re applying your serum daily, but are you seeing instant results? Sometimes getting a gorgeous glow takes a little time. This is where make-up comes in. Instantly shine a light on tired-looking skin with a make-up illuminator such as MAC Strobe Cream (R290 for 50ml) – it lets you highlight your face where you need added glow. And it’s optically very clever: not only does Strobe Cream help brighten and clarify skin with iridescent particles and antioxidants, but it also enhances the effects of light that hits your skin and in all lighting conditions too – from sunlight to spotlight.



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  1. I need to find a reasonably priced serum to correct my skin, where would the best place to start be?

  2. I use Dermalogica Daily microexfoliant, definitely wanna try their multivitamin power serum when the winter is near.

  3. Exfoliating does make a HUGE difference! Think it’s time for a peel (and to dust off the body brush too)!

  4. Idealist really works, I used to have large pores round my nose and nothing worked to shrink them like Idealist,MAC Fix+ is a must aswell, I never leave home without it, one spay and my face feels refreshed and glowing. I also use it after applying make up, it sets my make up nicely and I don’t have to do a touch up in the afternoon!!! Really awsome products!!!!

  5. Ive heard a lot of good things with MAC strobe cream, my friend says she uses it if she doesnt want to put make up on.
    When it comes to serum, theres only two brands thati have my faith on.. LANCOME genefique and CHANEL whitening concentrate.
    Immediate result, value for money, its worth every single drop.

  6. Not only is the MAC strobe cream UH-MAAAZING but so is their spritzer / mist. It sets make-up beautifully and gives your skin a pretty dewy look.

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