Get that glow: 5 Tips to boost your skin’s radiance

Get that glow: 5 Tips to boost your skin’s radiance 1

As we get older, our skin’s cellular turnover rate starts to slow down. It results in a decrease in natural exfoliation that leads to a dull-looking complexion. This, along with poor circulation, can diminish your glow factor.

Happily, at Skin Renewal, we’re “glow pros” and offer several treatments that can help you create a more luminous-looking complexion. These are our top five for healthy, youthful-looking skin that radiates from the inside-out:

Change the way you exfoliate
It’s time to ditch that grainy scrub! Most of the time, these simply aren’t scrubby enough or, worse yet, are far too abrasive. The smarter way to exfoliate is to invest in skincare that contains enzymes or alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). These gently dissolve the glue-like bonds that hold dead skin cells together, helping to speed up their natural sloughing away process.

We like NeoStrata Foaming Glycolic Wash 20 AHA. It contains lactobionic and glycolic acid to encourage cellular turnover. Better yet, glycolic acid also encourages your skin to produce elasticity-boosting elastin and collagen!

A perfect polish
A microdermabrasion treatment is one of the easiest ways to rid your skin of dry, dead cells while simultaneously boosting your circulation. During the treatment, a jet stream of air containing tiny medical grade crystals is blown across the surface of your skin. The experience is completely painless and feels like a gentle tickle. In fact, many of our patients consider the experience quite soothing. Afterwards, you’ll notice your pores look more refined and your skin has a lovely glow.

Peel and reveal
Another great way to get rid of dead skin cells is via a chemical peel. At Skin Renewal, we offer a wide selection that ranges from mild to intensive to suit every skin type and concern.

For example, if you wanted a radiance-boosting peel with no downtime, you could consider our NeoStrata 20% Glycolic AHA peel. While very effective at dead skin cell-shifting, it’s gentle enough to perform every two weeks and is suitable for all skin types and colours.

Want something more intensive? Our Advanced Skin Rejuvenation Solution combines three of our most popular brightening treatments. The first is a full-face Microdermabrasion treatment to remove any superficial dead skin cells; the second is Transdermal Mesotherapy that involves the infusion of a cocktail of glow-boosting actives and the third is carboxytherapy rejuvenation. The latter infuses CO2 just below the skin’s surface to boost circulation and stimulate collagen production.

Makeover your diet
It doesn’t matter what you apply topically – for skin that truly glows from within, you’ll need to eat a balanced diet. This way, you’ll get all the antioxidant vitamins and essential minerals you need for healthy skin.

Another way to ensure you’re getting enough of the good stuff is to take a supplement. One of our favourites for glowing skin is Lamelle’s Ovelle D3. It contains Pycnogenol, a powerful plant-derived antioxidant and vitamin D3. If taken daily, it can improve your skin’s natural resistance to the sun, minimise pigmentation, preserve collagen and even boost moisture levels.

Consider an IV
Another way Skin Renewal can help you get your glow on? We offer a Skin Brightening Infusion Cocktail via an intravenous (IV) infusion. It contains a powerful mix of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals – including pigmentation-inhibiting glutathione – to help create a fairer-looking complexion. When taken orally, glutathione breaks down in your digestive system, so you’d have to ingest a huge amount for it to be effective. When it’s delivered directly to your veins, you don’t miss out on a thing!

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