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Grow out your fringe

Grow out your fringeGrowing out your fringe doesn’t have to be scary. Yes, it may be in that ‘in-between’ phase, but you can work with it! Beauty Heaven shows you how.

So you’ve decided to grow out your fringe. Nice. It’s good to change up your look every now and then! The only downside? That awkward length about halfway through when it’s too short to incorporate into your look, and too long to keep wearing it as a fringe. Bummer, right?

Most people pin their fringe back with bobby pins, but that can look a little ‘schoolgirl-esque’ and isn’t really appropriate for a formal occasion. Why not try a style a la Vanessa Hudgens and find a fun and flirty way to incorporate these pieces into your look?

Soft curls around your face are super-foxy, and can be worn on a casual day out or a dressy evening out. Talk about versatile.

Want to know how to make it work? Here are a few simple steps…

Start by parting your hair in the middle, and brushing out your strands.
Use a straightening iron to make sure the fringe pieces are sleek and smooth from root to end.
Wait around 20 minutes for your hair to cool down before styling again.
Grab a curling tong and begin wrapping the fringe pieces around the tong away from your face. Repeat this step until each fringe piece has been curled.
If your curls seem too ringlet-like, spritz them with a light hairspray and then gently comb them out so they create a softer silhouette around your face.

Written by Olivia, this article originally appeared on BeautyHeaven.


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  1. Thanks for the great idea – I also tend to use the lazy solution and just clip the hair back.

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Congrats to our November 2023 winners

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