How to help reduce dark marks and prevent new ones from forming with NIVEA

How to help reduce dark marks and prevent new ones from forming with NIVEA 1

Dark marks and uneven skin tone on the face and body is one of the most common skincare concerns faced by South African women. It affects women of all ages, all skin types and all skin tones and has been known to have a major impact on self-esteem.

But why are we so prone to getting dark marks and how can they be treated? It all comes down to melanin, the pigment that gives our skin its colour. When skin cells (known as melanocytes), over-produce melanin, this excess pigment darkens the affected area, leaving the skin with an uneven tone.

There are many different reasons why our skin cells may over-produce melanin. Some of them include:

The sun
Sun exposure is arguably the most common cause of dark marks, especially in a country like South Africa where we experience hot summers and traditionally spend plenty of time outdoors. When our skin is exposed to the sun’s UV rays, it prompts our skin cells to produce melanin as a measure of protection against the damaging rays. This may lead to uneven skin tone, a “tanned” skin, freckles or brown sun spots.

Have you ever noticed that once a pimple heals, it leaves a dark mark behind? Breakouts and pimples are common causes of dark marks. That’s because our skin cells produce melanin (skin pigment) in response to pimples or inflammation.

Fluctuating hormones is a common cause of dark marks, particularly in women. It is common during pregnancy (this uneven skin tone is also known as the “mask of pregnancy”) and during menopause.

The use of certain medications may increase skin discolouration and lead to the formation of dark marks.

How to fight the formation of dark marks and help reduce the appearance of existing marks
The single most important thing you can do to prevent dark marks, is to be diligent about using sun protection. Apply a broad spectrum product with an SPF30 or higher every day and make sure to reapply at least every two hours when spending time outdoors. Avoid the sun during peak hours (midday) and wear protective items like hats, sunglasses and clothing/wraps to cover up.

If your dark marks are caused by hormonal fluctuations or medication, chat to your medical practitioner about the options available to you. If you are experiencing dark marks due to sun exposure and breakouts, then the most important place to start is to introduce a good quality skincare routine that was specifically designed to treat dark marks.

The NIVEA Perfect & Radiant LUMINOUS630 range is a breakthrough skincare range that works with your skin for visible results in as little as two weeks. The range contains the patented ingredient LUMINOUS630 which was specifically designed to safely help reduce and prevent dark marks. 

It works in conjunction with skin’s natural melanin to help reduce the appearance of dark marks and spots.

It took ten years of research to find this incredible ingredient, and today, thousands of women are enjoying a clearer complexion with a more even skin tone thanks to this discovery.

Which serum is for you?

How to help reduce dark marks and prevent new ones from forming with NIVEA 2

LUMINOUS630 Anti-Dark Marks Advanced Treatment Serum to reduce dark marks caused by hormonal changes or excessive sun exposure; while deeply moisturising the skin.

New LUMINOUS630 Anti-Age & Spot Serum which plumps skin thanks to collagen booster, fills deep wrinkles and helps reduces age spots.

New LUMINOUS630 Post-Acne Dark Mark Serum to reduce dark marks and spots caused by pimples, while it soothes and mattifies the skin.

Be sure to read the usage instructions for best results.

All NIVEA Perfect & Radiant LUMINOUS630 products are scientifically proven to be skin compatible and are dermatologically approved.

This post was sponsored by NIVEA.


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