How to keep your skin healthy when you work in an office

How to keep your skin healthy when you work in an office 1

If you have an office job, your skin may have fallen victim to one of the most notorious skin saboteurs: air conditioning. We know that air con is there to regulate temperature, allowing us to stay cool on even the hottest days, but sadly, this can mean major setbacks for our skin.

Air conditioning dries the air and thereby reduces humidity. A lack of humidity in the air can reduce the water content in the outer layer of the skin, leading to dehydration. If the skin is continuously exposed, the dehydration could lead to breakouts, redness or even dermatitis. Air con is unlikely to disappear, and there’s no way we can all quit our jobs, so how do we go about protecting our skin at work?

Taking regular breaks go a long way in preserving the skin’s moisture levels. The skin adapts to its environment, so taking a walk outdoors during your lunch break or stepping out onto the balcony for some fresh air a few times a day will give your skin a much-needed break.

Invest in a hydrating serum and moisturiser that help replenish the skin’s moisture and also protect the delicate skin barrier function. Hyaluronic acid is a great hydrating ingredient to look out for.

Stay hydrated by drinking around eight glasses of water per day. Most of the water we consume is used by the body to maintain healthy bodily functions, cells, tissue, organs and to regulate temperature. It is only once the body has consumed enough water for all its maintenance that it can focus on sending water to the skin. That means the more you can consume, the better.

Using a hydrating facial mist throughout the day will not only help up the skin’s moisture levels, but will also relieve any feelings of dryness or tightness. Investing in an air humidifier for your desk may also help!

Blue light has become a hot topic in skincare, and we now know that the light emitted by devices like computers, cellphones and tablets has a harmful effect on the skin. Luckily, skincare brands have recognised the problem and there are now various products on the market that are specifically designed to protect the skin from the negative effects of blue light. We recommend the Heliocare 360 range as well as Lamelle Helase 50+.

Another problem we face in the work place is germs. Do you ever get breakouts around the chin area? Your phone could be to blame! Office equipment such as telephones don’t typically get disinfected, resulting in a build-up of makeup, oil and bacteria on the handle. Every time you take a call, it’s an opportunity for the germs to settle on the skin and exacerbate breakouts. Typically, the bacteria the causes acne breakouts comes from within the follicle itself… but outside bacteria can definitely make things worse.

As hard as it is, try not to touch your face during the work day. Germs aren’t just confined to your phone – you’ll also find them on your computer mouse, keyboard, desk and pretty much everywhere else. Keep a pack of antibacterial wet wipes in your drawer and wipe your equipment down regularly to ensure bacteria is kept at bay.

Sometimes, regardless of following the right steps, our skin still reacts badly to office environments. We recommend booking an appointment at your nearest Skin Renewal branch to have your skin analysed by one of their trained therapists, and to find a skincare regime and treatment programme suited to your needs.

This post was sponsored by Skin Renewal.


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