How to: Look after your weave

Take care of your weaveWhether you’re choosing to wear a weave as a quick fix for a glam event or as a long-term look, the key to looking your absolute best lies in how you take care of it.

We’ve all seen her and admired her (and secretly wanted to be her)… that girl with the thick, beautiful wavy hair who seems to wear it with such natural ease and grace. No visible tracks, no tangled strands, just gorgeous glossy hair. The perfect weave! But what we sometimes forget is that no one ever stepped out looking perfect without putting in a bit of time and effort. So do you want to be that girl? Here’s how…

Natural or synthetic?
You have the choice of going with natural, human hair or synthetic hair. When it comes to weaves, the better option is to go natural. Synthetic hair will not last as long, and it stands a greater chance of being completely unmanageable – a tangle in a synthetic weave is almost impossible to undo and let’s not even talk about the frizz. The pros of opting for natural, human hair is that you can treat it as per normal hair by washing, blow-drying, curling etc. But remember that you’ll need to be extra gentle so as not to get in a tangle. By choosing natural, human hair you also have more options – straight, curly, wavy, blonde, brown, black.

Keeping it clean
It’s best to wash your weave at least once a week. Avoid any products that contain chemicals as these will break down the glues used to attach your weave. Rather choose a natural mild shampoo, like Dr. Miracle’s Conditioning Shampoo, which contains olive oil, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil to help nourish the weave.

Condition on the go
To keep your weave, as well as your natural hair, from drying out in between washes, use a leave-in conditioner. Apply a small amount and work it through the weave (and your hair) slowly and gently with your fingers. When you see that your weave is starting to lose its glossy shine, a few drops of argan oil should restore it to its former glory.

Control the itch
Because you’re getting someone else’s hair ‘weaved’ into your own hair, you will most likely experience some itching on your scalp. It’s also very important to not only care for your weave, but your natural hair too. Keep your hairline nourished with olive oil and treat your natural hair and scalp with a moisturising lotion such as Sulfur 8 Oil Moisturizing Lotion or even witch hazel.

Make it last
Just like with natural, human hair, blow-drying your weave will dry it out and damage the bonds. Try to air dry your weave naturally after shampooing, and when you do use the hairdryer, stick to the lowest heat setting. Before you lay your weary head to rest at night, secure your weave into a bandana – this will avoid those nasty tangles and ensure you aren’t putting extra strain on the bonds.

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  1. This was just a fascinating article. Good luck to all those ladies who love weaves. It sounds like a lot of effort! Wear them well, girls! x

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