Take a blissful bath

Spring might have technically sprung but sometimes the chilly nights still call for a bit of warming up. And what better way to do it than with a warm bath? And by adding a few drops of essential oils, you can turn your bath into a healing and rejuvenating experience that leaves you feeling fabulous.

Lavendar bath oils

Dry, itchy skin: Go for lavender and chamomile in your bathwater. Also, apply a nourishing cream or oil after your bath (look for something with avocado, grape seed or olive oil in it).

Lethargy: Rosemary is believed to promote alertness and stimulate memory. Lemon and peppermint oils can also be added for an extra boost.

Stress: For deep relaxation try a blend of bergamot, neroli and lavender. Or you can try ylang-ylang instead of neroli.

PMS: To help stabilise those rabid hormones, use clary sage and jasmine. A splash of grapefruit is also great for easing water retention.

Insomnia: To help you sleep, try a blend of chamomile, mandarin and sandalwood. Lavender, neroli or bergamot oils also encourage relaxation.

Aching muscles: Try a soothing cocktail to ease muscles after your work-out: rosemary, chamomile and ylang-ylang.

Hangover: Fennel and grapefruit oils are good for their detoxing and uplifting properties; lavender is good for balancing; and ginger helps increase circulation and helps with any muscle aches or nausea.

Colds and flu: If you’re still suffering from the last of the season’s colds and flu, try eucalyptus, ravensara or niaouli for their decongestant properties.

Safety precautions

Make sure to follow these precautions.

  1. Essential oils should never be used directly on the skin.
  2. Essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy.
  3. Less is more – a few drops in your bath is more than adequate.
  4. Never ingest essential oils. And remember to keep them away from small children!
  5. Some oils can cause a sensitive or allergic reaction. To be safe do a small skin patch test before immersing your whole body in an essential oil-infused bath.
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5 Responses

  1. I use cut fresh lavender and throw this in running hot water in my bath tub. I immerse myself in the bath tub.Relaxing and soothing

  2. I use Lavender oil when I have had a miserably long day…calms me down and smells great. Feels like I go into a trance when too long in the water. I like it!

  3. Lavender oil is my go to oil for everything. It makes me feel so great

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