Is it possible to train the brain into better thinking?

Is it possible to train the brain into better thinking? 1

Traditionally, we’ve grow up thinking that some people are better at sports, and some are better at academics. Some people have good memories and others don’t. Some can concentrate for long periods of time and solve complicated problems, whilst others do not have the ability. Up until recently, we believed that they way we think and our mental capabilities were just down to how we were born. But what if we told you that wasn’t the case?

Whilst there is no denying that some people undoubtably find it easier to process and retain information than others, all is not lost for those who struggle with memory loss, short attention span and problem-solving skills.

Brain training is a powerful tool that allows you to take charge of your brain. Painless and non-invasive, it supports the structure and healthy functioning of the brain, allowing it to perform at its maximum potential. Think of it like exercise – for your muscles to be strong and perform at their best, you need to exercise regularly. The same goes for the brain. To keep it functioning at maximum capacity, you need to ‘exercise’ it into shape.

The benefits of brain training are vast and can improve just about every area of your life. Some of the most common ones include:

Improved memory: The ability to remember more, and to access those memories faster.

Brain flexibility: The ability to adapt your thoughts quickly, moving from one scenario to another effortlessly and with certainty of what to say and how to respond, as opposed to coming up with the solution minutes or hours later.

Better attention: The ability to concentrate on a subject for as long as needed whilst being able to absorb the information and retain it.

Problem-solving: The ability to solve problems and complex challenges, often under the pressure of time constraints.

Whereas some people have experienced memory, problem-solving or concentration challenges their entire life, others find that their abilities decreased over time. This is largely due to our modern lifestyles – a bombardment of stimulus, excessive stress, inadequate diets and insufficient rest all lay a role in the functioning of the brain.

Brain Renewal makes use of Neuro-Feedback in the brain training process. To put it simply, this principle teaches patients’ brains to produce the brain wave patterns associated with the correct and healthy brain function, essentially, a way for the brain to readjust itself. The treatment can be tailor-made to ensure it address each patient’s specific needs.

What can you expect from a treatment?
Before the actual treatments take place, a technician will place tiny sensors on your scalp and behind your ears. These will read electrical activity of your brain and record the readings, which will later be used to create a brain map, which will in turn be used to create your custom training program.

During a brain training session, you will lie down comfortably with a set of earphones and listen to tones, watch DVDs and play Pac-Man. You’ll notice brief pauses in the sounds or images – the precise timing of these interruptions gives your brain the vital information it needs to recognise itself. You don’t need to do anything while this happens, and you may even zone out or sleep while the training takes place. The training can take anywhere between one and four hours per session. Due to the Bi-directional (two way) feedback nature of the brain and body, as you train your brain it will begin to self-regulate and synchronise healthy bodily functions.

It’s different for everyone, but you will need a minimum of 12 accumulative hours to reach your base line. The only common side effects are that of feeling better! Patients report not only experiencing increased mental capacity, but also experiencing a more positive outlook, feeling calmer and feeling happier. For optimum results, your doctor will prescribe a healthy diet and lifestyle to support your brain training.

Whether you want to perform better at work or at school, improve your mental wellbeing or simply challenge yourself to reach your full potential, brain training allows you to take control of your brain. If this sounds like something you’d like to explore, make a booking at your nearest Brain Renewal clinic for an assessment – this is one treatment you will never regret!

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