Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Parfum celebrates 10th birthday

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Parfum celebrates 10th birthday 1

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle is celebrating its 10th birthday, and we can’t believe it’s already been a decade since its launch. From the moment Lancôme released this iconic fragrance for women in 2012, the joy of its message and its originality – the iris gourmand that made history in the perfumery field – resonated to become the chosen scent for so many women.

Why has this become one of the most popular scents in the world? We believe it’s because La Vie Est Belle is a happy fragrance. It radiates happiness, and its success story was born in the most beautiful belief Lancôme shares with the world: Life is beautiful. You simply can’t help but smile every time you spritz it.

La Vie Est Belle is instantly recognisable. “When you walk on the street, you don’t hesitate on whether it’s it or something else: its identity is obvious and immediate,” sums up perfumer Dominique Ropion, who co-signed the original eau de parfum in 2012.

Lancôme realises that happiness is constantly evolving and changing, and as such, they’ve created a large-scale study to mark the 10th anniversary of the iconic fragrance. The purpose of the study was to take an unprecedented look at happiness, to get a closer look at how its contemporaries perceive it. The conclusions of this study inspired the new chapter of La Vie Est Belle, from the heart of its formula to its advertising film.

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Parfum celebrates 10th birthday 2

So how do we perceive happiness today? The past few years have presented the world with unprecedented difficulties, and this showed in the results of Lancôme’s study. Conducted among representative samples of 1,000 people aged 16 and over in 7 European countries (France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany) and the Americas (United States, Brazil), this exclusive study brought about 3 major findings.

Being happy, here, and now: easier said than done. 4 out of 10 people interviewed indeed said or thought “life is beautiful” in the past week, and a third said they were happy overall. But almost half of the interviewees feel that they cannot enjoy the present enough, to the point of considering, for many, that the happiest period of their lives is behind them. In contrast to this nostalgia, Lancôme’s message is “Happiness is just one step away, all you need to do is take it” and invites everyone to take full advantage of the immediate happiness that the present offers.

According to more than half of the participants, freedom is the most important ingredient of happiness – ranking it above wisdom, time or money. But this freedom is not easy to gain: between financial, family and schedule obligations, the majority claim to encounter constraints that prevent them from being happier. Almost 90% think that freeing themselves from these constraints would make their life more beautiful… but only half of them dare to try. By saying, “Life is what you make of it; make it beautiful”, Lancôme is convinced that happiness is not about changing your life but about being yourself: it’s a decision you make every day. All that matters is to take the plunge: “All you need to do is take it”.

Life is better together. Although virtual sociability has recently gained ground, a third of the participants lament that they meet more people online than in person, and three-quarters of them believe real life is more beautiful than virtual life. Lancôme shares this belief and has placed social ties at the heart of the new La Vie Est Belle film.

“10 years since we released La Vie Est Belle into the world, more than ever, we at Lancôme believe in the hope of its message. In the very human need for togetherness to be able to join in the joyful expression of four simple words, ‘La Vie Est Belle’.” -Françoise Lehmann, Global Brand President Lancôme International.

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Parfum celebrates 10th birthday 3

A decade later, Julia Roberts is still the face of the fragrance, and who better to embody happiness than the woman known for her warm smile and infectious laugh? More than a face for the iconic Lancôme fragrance, she embodies it in its entirety, driven by the same values of this incentive to happiness.

On its 10th birthday, Lancôme marks the beginning of a new era for La Vie Est Belle with some impressive changes. For the first time, this iconic scent can be refilled and it sports a new eco-designed bottle. The team was challenged to reduce the environmental footprint of La Vie Est Belle as much as possible without changing the sensory experience that has made it such a success. The weight of the La Vie Est Belle glass bottle has been reduced by 13% without changing its iconic look. The result? One million bottles, or 223 tons of glass, will be saved each year.

The changes made to the perfume’s outer packaging save 15 tons of cardboard per year. The famous “crystal smile” can be recycled and refilled. This simple and obvious change will save 50% of glass, 46% of cardboard, 46% of plastic, and 66% of metal. Finally, the bottle’s cap and “wings” are also being transformed. Made of more luxurious and durable materials, they radiate a more intense luminosity than ever.

But it’s also about what’s inside. Lancôme is working harder than ever to source and utilise sustainable raw ingredients. For example, the patchouli essential to the La Vie Est Belle fragrance comes from a sustainable source in Bali.

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Parfum celebrates 10th birthday 4

More than a fragrance: In 2012, Lancôme declared, “Life is beautiful.” Four words charged with meaning. Speaking across eras, across horizons, from the four corners of the globe, the beauty of this French expression has never needed translation. Its message can be felt, without being understood, in the joyful melody of its four syllables: La Vie Est Belle.

By its simple joy, the name chosen by Lancôme has resonated with millions of women worldwide. Today, “Life is beautiful” resonates with hope. To find happiness in a world ever more in need of it. To celebrate the courage of those advocating for a time where all can say: “Life is beautiful.”

Happiness is collective, rather than individual, defined by generosity and unity. With this hope of togetherness, Lancôme enters a new decade of La Vie Est Belle. A decade is just the beginning for La Vie Est Belle because its message is eternal.


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  1. ever since I discover the “La Vie Est Belle” Perfume – many years ago, I fall in Love with this very spezial sent! Sometimes I change the brand, but always come back to this outstanding sensation. Greetings from


  3. Julia Roberts are one of my favourite actresses, I would love to try out the perfume !!

  4. Never a better message for “Life is what you make of it, make it beautiful”
    “Life is one step away, I must only take it”
    Now I only want one to touch that feeling

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