Layer your skincare products

Layer your skincare products 1

You spend a fortune on a full skincare regime, and you want the best results from it, but did you know that if you’re not using the products in the correct order, you’re not reaping the full benefits? Here’s our beginners guide to using your products in the correct order:

Step 1: Make-up remover

Before you can do anything to your skin, you have to ensure that all make-up and product has been removed. Invest in a waterproof eye make-up remover, as well as a cleansing oil to remove make-up from the rest of your face, ad your neck.

Step 2: Cleanse

Now that your skin is make-up-free, it’s time to cleanse. On clean skin, it’s much easier for ingredients like acne-busting salicylic acid to penetrate your pores – especially if you wear foundation.

Step 3: Exfoliate

Once or twice a week, gently exfoliate your skin after cleansing – sloughing off dead skin cells will help the products that follow to penetrate and perform better.

Step 4: Tone

Toning is not for everyone, but if you want to add this extra step, make sure you do it after you’ve cleansed/ exfoliated.

Step 5: Treatment

If you’re treating a skin condition like acne or hyperpigmentation, you should be applying your treatment cream before your serums and moisturisers, as it will work best if directly applied to clean skin. Allow it to absorb for a few minutes before the next step.

Step 6: Serum

Now it’s time for your serum – the most concentrated product you’ll apply on your skin.

Step 7: Moisturiser and eye cream

Once your serum has absorbed (give it two to three minutes), apply your moisturiser and eye cream.

Step 8: SPF

This one’s for daytime only – always finish off with a broad spectrum SPF before you apply your make-up – it should be the last step in your skincare regime.

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17 Responses

  1. Will be following these steps. I usually do at home facials once a week. Should I be doing it more often? My skin is prone to acne at the moment.

  2. This is a very good article ! Can you guys maybe also add a video tutorial with ? That would be very helpful . Thank You

  3. Was never a fan of toning, thought it was just an extra step with no benefits. Ever since i used eurcerin demo purifier toner. I have seen the difference in just a week. My skin is glowing, feels so soft and hydrated. Never miss this important step when following your daily skin care routine. The results are amazing

  4. What steps would you need to follow when putting on makeup? Especially for combination skin types?

    1. Skincare first! After cleansing and toning, eye creme/ serum should be the first product to be applied before the facial range (this allows for proper absorbency as well as adequate time for the active ingredients to prep/ settle the delicate eye area – Kiehl’s Creamy Avocado Eye Crème is a fantastic all-rounder!) Invest in a great make-up sealant and spritz on to ensure your product stays on for longer.

      1. A good idea is to use some Vaseline at night since it is the best occlusive. It keeps everything inside so that all your products don’t go to waste.

  5. The more products come out the more difficult to know where in the routine to use them. Thanks for this article :)

    1. Hi Mark! Once the skincare routine is done, the makeup can start. Post the application of facial primer – Urban Decay Optical Illusion Primer is heaven! If you’re looking to correct under eye dark circles apply Yellow Colour Corrector (tiny amount) with a concealer brush on the innermost corner of the eye area, blending outwards. Very important is that the bulk of the product is applied to the bluest/darkest areas.

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