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Lux Sheer Twilight

Treat your senses to the enchanting mix of black orchid and juniper oil in Lux Sheer Twilight Beauty Body Wash, a captivating skin treat that will help give you that million-dollar feeling all day long.

Price: R 18.99
Availability: Leading retailers and pharmacies nationwide

What we say:
I tried the new Lux Sheer Twilight Body Wash and absolutely loved it. As I opened the bottle for the first time the smell caught my attention. It was an unusual combination of orchid and juniper. Once I applied the body wash to my skin it felt smooth and silky. The packaging is in my favourite colour and it is the perfect size (not too big or too small – just right). It is also very easy to open. When I finished using the product I felt like Audrey Hepburn. I just wanted to put my pearls on. Everyone asked what new fragrance I was wearing. I had to let the cat out the bag. I will definitely use this product again because it is affordable and the wonderful smell lingers for long and I just really hate using bar soaps.
– Robyn

Thank you for sending me the Lux Beauty Body Wash in Sheer Twilight to test. It’s an attractive, easy-to-open bottle and the body wash comes out easily. Be careful though, if it does spill on the sides of the bottle and lid it might look a bit messy, as the body wash is a dark purple colour. I do not like the smell that much. It is a strong, heavy smell – not the soft, fresh, clean smell that most body washes opt for. It makes a sufficient lather when used on a body sponge and does feel soft on the skin. The smell isn’t long lasting after bathing with the body wash. I do not dislike this body wash, it had a positive side as well, but I doubt that I would buy it again. But at the same time it was worth the try.
– Nadine

The Lux Beauty Body Wash in Sheer Twilight comes in an attractive white and purple flip-top bottle. I have very dry, sensitive skin and used it in the bathtub after using my epilator.
The wash is deep purple, and when used with a pouf, created a rich lather with a pleasing fragrance that enveloped the bathroom, but did not overwhelm! The body wash did a thorough job of cleansing my skin, but did not strip away the skin’s natural oils.

It was gentle, and unlike others did not burn or create an unpleasant sensation on the extra-sensitive areas where I used my epilator, instead soothing the angry red skin!
It left an alluring scent that was noticed by my husband when he arrived home and hugged me over two hours later! (He closed his eyes, inhaled deeply, and asked what perfume was I wearing?) Normally I have to slather lotion after every shower, but this was not necessary.

Lux Beauty Body Wash Sheer Twilight left my skin soft, smooth, supple & moisturised!
Personally for me the only drawback is that I find the fragrance too feminine to be used by men.
– Ayesha

Well, getting into the shower, opening up a bottle of Lux Sheer Twilight was pure bliss for me. I’m a sucker for a good smelling and foaming body wash. The smell of black orchid and juniper oil comes out and lingers on your skin, such a soft feeling. The smell stays on you for the whole day. When I got out of the shower my hubby was like: “What’s that smell? It smells so good!” So Sheer Twilight scored there for me.

The only thing I would like to change is the opening where the fluid comes out of, I would make it a teeny tiny 1mm bit smaller, as I want to use my body wash sparingly as a little goes a long way with Lux Sheer Twilight. It makes enough foam with one squeeze of the body wash and having that big hole just gets the fluid all over my sponge and you can never decide if it was too much or too little. I’m not sure if one small bottle will keep me throughout the month! It works so nicely that you’re afraid that you’ll run out! (Except if you stock up on the giant bottle – which I had for Christmas!)

The packaging is very attractive, when you stand in the isle of the body wash section, the purple colouring will definitely draw my attention. Well-done Lux!
Until next time! Happy Twilighting ladies!
– Nadia

I love my showers, and this shower gel was a treat to try out! When you first open the bottle you’re taken on an imaginative journey to somewhere exotic and mysterious by the subtle musky flowery fragrance. I really enjoyed that the fragrance lingered on my skin for a while after I had gotten out of the shower.

The gel is a rich ruby colour, lathers well, and a little really goes a long way if you use it with a ‘pouf’ like they recommend. It left my skin clean and smooth without it feeling dried out. I really love the ‘flip up’ bit in the lid, which is easy to open and close with one hand, but also seals very securely, which makes it perfect to travel with.

Although I usually prefer a creamier body wash, I will surely buy this one again somewhere in between others. Mostly because I’m a sucker for enchanting fragrances in products and also because I travel a lot, and find the shape, durability and size of the 200ml bottle perfect for this purpose.
– Mariaan

The use of dark colours on the bottle struck me as unusual as soap packaging usually looks bright and light. This been said, the deep purple that oozed from the bottle was also a pleasant surprise! The strong scent of black orchid and juniper oil was truly enchanting, thoughts of crushed velvet, mystery and magic overtook me. As I lathered the soft indigo soap onto my skin, I felt groomed and beautiful.

The bottle opens easily and the packaging is alluring. The bottle size is perfect, not tiny and does not take up all the space next to the bath either. Ten hours after using it I still smelt divine. It has a wonderful effect on my mood too. The beautiful scent of this shower gel is truly timeless and I would recommend it for all skin types and anybody at any age who wants to feel pampered and smell wonderful. It lasts for up to twenty washes and it is recommended that you use a pouf. I would not have normally bought this, but after trying it and being transported on a magic carpet of sensual bliss, I am certainly restocking after my twenty washes.
– Nicole


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