Mood boosting scents

Mood boosting scents 1

It can be any smell really; the sweet scent of roses that remind you of your Gran’s garden or a whiff of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. Or just think about how you feel when you smell the scent of your first love, a loved one that means a lot to you, or something that reminds you of childhood. All of us can name a few smells that give us an instant pick-me-up. Exactly which scents make us feel good is a highly personal thing – no smell is inherently uplifting, it’s rather the feelings we have when we first ‘met’ a particularly happy fragrance.

Research, though, argues that female fragrances classified as floral-woody help lower depression and tension, while floral-citrus scents help decrease anger. Peppermint and orange also help make you feel better – and orange may actually help calm your nerves as citrus is known for its uplifting abilities. Vanilla is one of the oldest and most well-known smells of all that boost your mood – it helps fight depression, fatigue, low hormone function, and even anxiety. And of course, we have to mention the hugely comforting properties of rose – this fragrance helps soothe and make the world seem a little more tranquil.

As Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez, scent experts and authors of Perfumes, The Guide say: ‘As with the tawdriest pop melody, there is a base pleasure in perfume, in just about any perfume, even the cheapest and the most starved of ideas, that is better than no perfume at all. It decorates the day. It makes you feel as if the colours of the air have changed.

Here are a few new fragrances on the shelf to spray on when you’re feeling like your day needs to be brightened up.

Mood boosting scents 2

With overtones of revitalising citrus:
Lacoste Pour Femme EDP Légère, R725 for 30ml, R1 010 for 50ml and R1 330 for 125ml
Jimmy Choo L’Eau EDT, R895 for 60ml and R1 195 for 90ml

With overtones of comforting vanilla:
YSL Black Opium Wild Limited Edition EDP, R905 for 50ml
Boss The Scent Intense For Her EDP, R1 010 for 30ml

With overtones of comforting and nurturing rose:
Giorgio Armani Sky di Gioia, R1 185 for 50ml
Juicy Couture Royal Rose EDP, R1 895 for 100ml

What smells or scents boost your mood? Tell us below.


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  1. Guys Please allow me to brag about the Jimmy Choo. Great perfume that smells very nice and last all day. The bottle is also user friendly and very nice in design. Knowing us woman like fancy things this is definitely one to try.

  2. Black Opium is amazing, soft, sophisticated yet young. I absolutely love it as an every day fragrance.

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