My oily skin is giving me breakouts. Help!

I’ve always had oily skin, but even now that I’m 25 and I should be past the point of pimples and blackheads, I still struggle. Is there any specific product that you can suggest that won’t break the bank? 


Unfortunately oily skin conditions can persist very late into life and there are many patients who suffer from this persistent condition which becomes known as an ‘adult acne.’ However, treatment can relieve this condition to a great degree and this involves reducing the oily secretions from the skin while balancing the skin pH. Oiliness is often the skin’s way of trying to compensate for an underlying dry problem too.

Avoid products that contain vitamin E as this can provoke oil secretion and avoid skin toners which can dry out the skin excessively. Rather use a product that provides enough moisture to your skin while gently exfoliating at the same time such as fruity acid or hydroxy acid containing products. There are a number of great products on the South African market that fulfill these requirements and don’t cost too much, enquire at your Skin Renewal Group therapist to demonstrate some samples for you. One can also add a gentle form of vitamin A to the ingredients to further reduce oiliness and blackheads.

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5 Responses

  1. It’s important to take caution when you have acne prone skin. The small things such as changing your pillow cases on a regular basis and making sure your bedding is clean will help with re-infecting your skin and prevent even worse break outs from the germs which you have embedded on your bedding. Also, do not touch your face or scratch and washing your hands constantly will also help, if you do have a habit of touching your face a lot. I also think it has a lot to do with diet, stay away from the sweet stuff.

    1. Melissa, Those words are so true. I agree with you 100% plus for that statement.

  2. I too struggle with oily skin and breakouts. I think these tips, especially the one about avoiding products with vitamin E, could really help me. At the moment I’m using a cleanser and a mattifying cream from Essence which regulates oil production throughout the day. I use it under my make-up, and I can see and feel the difference.

  3. I’m 20 years old now & I’ve been having problems with my facial skin since I was 13/14

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