Nine sunscreens worth spending your bonus on

By now we all know the importance of wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day. It should also be applied every two hours if you are swimming and sun tanning. But how do you choose one out of the countless options that line the beauty shelves? To help you narrow down your options we have selected our favourite ones that are worth the spend:


Dermalogica Protection SPF50 Sport is perfect for the sporty type. It can be used on the face and body and is water-resistant for up to 40 minutes – R490.

Sensai Silky Bronze Cellular Protective Spray SPF15 for body allows for easy application with its spray nozzle. It offers medium protection and is a great sun gift that will add some luxury to one’s life – R1065.

Comfort Zone Sun Soul Body Cream SPF15 is an ideal all-over body cream that provides protection as well as promoting an even, golden tan – R465.

Piz Buin Wet Skin is your best swimming partner. No need to worry about milky white lines after applying SPF onto your wet skin anymore. This transparent spray can be applied directly onto wet skin after swimming. Plus, it still has the same great Piz scent – R250.

Sea of Spa Mineral Sun Block is great value for money. With an SPF of 45 and 27 Dead Sea minerals, it will protect the skin and offer healing properties. The 250ml tube can be used on face and body – R375.

If you hate the feeling of sunscreen then Eucerin Sun Lotion SPF50 will be a winner. It’s extra light and non-sticky. We love that it has such a high SPF too – R179.99.

Nivea Sun Protect and Refresh is another light and non-greasy sunscreen. This one is also infused with menthol and offers a cooling, refreshing sensation once applied – R94.99.

Vichy Capital Soleil is the perfect sunscreen for the little ones. A gentle milk with an SPF50 that will protect even the most sensitive skin – R369.

Babor Sun Care System SPF30 contains extract of sea lavender and helps provide protection against free radicals, which leads to premature ageing. This luxurious SPF retails for R549.

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4 Responses

  1. I am definitely going to try out the Piz Buin Wet Skin – I’m sure it will give me that sun kissed looked this summer.

  2. I love Dermalogica products and would love to try their sunscreen this summer

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