Perfect Pout: lip products decoded

Perfect poutThese days getting the perfect pout isn’t as simple as applying your favourite lipstick. There’s a vast array of lip products out there and between plumper, primer and liquid lipstick – among others – deciding which products are for you takes a little know-how. We’ve simplified the process, taking a look at four products worthy of a spot in your make-up bag.


Lip primer is like foundation for your lips. You wear it under lipstick, lip liner or lip gloss to ‘prime’ your lips for the product you’re about to apply. It smoothes the lips and helps lipstick and lip gloss last longer while preventing feathering and smudging. Look for a primer with sunscreen and anti-ageing ingredients that will protect and nourish your lips while helping you make the most of your lipstick. Primer is especially useful if you’re wearing a dark or bright shade of lipstick, making it easier to apply and helping it wear more evenly. Try MAC Prep and Prime Lip, R160.


Lip plumper is exactly that: it plumps up your lips for a luscious pout – but naturally. It usually comes in tubes like a clear lip gloss and contains ingredients like mint or cinnamon that stimulate blood flow to the lips for a bee stung look. Like lip glosses, plumpers usually also contain light reflecting ingredients like mica (a shiny mineral) which help lips appear fuller. Clear lip plumper, like Perfect Pout by Pure Romance, R255, should be worn under lipstick or gloss, for plump, kissable lips.

Liquid lipstick:

Liquid lipstick falls somewhere between lipstick and lip gloss. Like gloss, you can apply it with a wand, your fingertip or straight from the tube. Liquid lipstick lasts much longer than lip gloss and also provides more colour. It’s lighter than traditional lipstick and it’s easier to apply – as with gloss, you won’t need a mirror when you touch it up. Liquid lipstick is shiny like gloss where some lipsticks are matte, so if you don’t like the glossy look you’d be better off sticking with traditional lipstick. We love Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick.

Lip scrub:

Lip scrub is an exfoliator specially designed for the delicate skin around the lips. It contains gentle, safe ingredients that you can use on the mouth area. Like any exfoliator, it removes dead skin cells, which helps prevent flaking in chapped lips – a common problem in winter. It also smoothes the lips, making lipstick and lip balm last longer. Combined with lip primer, a scrub will ensure your lips always have a perfect finish. Products containing natural ingredients are safe enough to use every day but it’s important to check the packaging and use the product as directed. If you want a tasty lip scrub, try making your own by mixing honey, sugar and olive oil until you get a thick consistency. Apply it to your lips and scrub gently before rinsing.



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