Perfume users’ anonymous

Perfume users' anonymousBeautyHeaven lists the signs that you’re using overusing perfume. And then how to treat your addiction…

Chronic perfume overuse is a serious illness. Thankfully though, there is treatment available. Read on to find out if you may be affected.

Signs & symptoms of perfume over-use

You spray your perfume a minimum of 10 times at each use.
People on the street often cough when you pass them.
Friends have been known to use clothes-pegs on their noses in your presence.
People usually sit a minimum of three feet away from you when in enclosed spaces.
People generally say ‘what’s that smell?’ when you hop into an elevator.
Even after washing your clothes, you can usually still smell the strong odour of perfume on them.
You go through a minimum of ten bottles of perfume a year.

If you can identify with three or more of the above mentioned symptoms then you may be a perfume over-user. The first step to treating your addiction is admitting you have a problem. The second step is slowly cutting back to avoid that strong smell.

Curbing your perfume over-use

Stick to one to two sprays per use.
Opt for the ‘walk-through’ technique: spray a single pump of your perfume directly in front of you then walk through the mist. The scent will be all-over, however it will be very subtle.
Avoid doubling or even tripling up on perfumed products: if you use a perfume daily, you don’t also need to use a perfumed deodorant and a perfumed body wash – one scented product is enough.
Ask your closest friend to politely inform you when you’ve gone OTT with the perfume pump so you can identify when you’re most strong smelling.
Swap to a solid perfume and just dab on wrists and behind ears for a much lighter scent.

This article originally appeared on BeautyHeaven.


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32 Responses

  1. Wow is there really women that goes through 10 bottles of perfume a year? A pricey addiction ;-).

  2. Lol there’s this lady at work who sprays all the time infact two ladies… I didn’t think it could be an addication. The one sprays everytime she goes to the change room and the other one, everytime she’s has a smoke. And the combination of the cigarette smell and perfume are just not pleasing. Eish I must share this article on my facebook wall

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