Pond’s Flawless Radiance Light Infusing Under-Eye Cream Trial Team

POND'S-Flawless-Radiance-Light Infusing Under Eye Cream

Price: R64.99
Availability: Leading retail stores nationwide

What we say:
I use the eye cream twice a day and I must admit I was very skeptical since I have never used an eye cream and didn’t understand what purpose it served. After using it for a month the skin around my eyes is so soft and the colour has also livened up from its prior dullness and darkness.
– Luyanda

This was my first time ever using such product, I love the tube and the light cream and its sooth feeling under my eyes. My hubby said I didn’t smell as he has anticipated, but hey, it’s not the smell but the facial results that I’m looking forward to.
– Lady-T

I fell in love with this eye treatment product. What’s so great about this cream is that you only need to use a pea size drop and just gently tap it in under your eyes with your ringer finger. The Pond’s Flawless Radiance Light Infusing Under Eye Cream is an amazing product that improved the puffiness around my eye in just a few days and what’s so fabulous is that it’s not greasy at all! It absorbs very quickly and moisturises my skin very well. A lovely product that I will definitely recommend to use specially if you want to get rid of early morning puffiness.
– Paulina

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