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Product of the week: Justine Tissue Oil Sleep Therapy Oil

In this segment, we turn the spotlight on products that we believe, steal the show. If it’s our product of the week, consider it amazing!

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Justine Tissue Oil Sleep Therapy Oil

What they say:
Justine, the brand behind the original Tissue Oil, has launched Justine Tissue Oil Sleep Therapy Oil, a breakthrough night-time tissue oil that is formulated with all the nutriment of the original Justine Tissue Oil, with added essential oils and botanical extracts to enhance the skin repair cycle during sleep, while also promoting improved sleep quality.

“Sleep is an absolute essential for the wellness of skin,” says Momin Hukamdad, Executive Director: Commercial Marketing at Avon Justine South Africa. “During rest, the skin repairs and rejuvenates itself with several important changes: skin cells are actively growing and repairing; while both Cortisol, the hormone that regulates inflammation amongst other functions, and pH levels dip during the night. In addition to this, sebum production decreases during the night, resulting in moisture loss. Lastly, during skin’s renewal mode, product absorption from skincare ingredients is maximised, making night-time skincare crucial for healthy, youthful skin.”

With the inclusion of essential oils such as chamomile and lavender extracts, Justine Tissue Oil Sleep Therapy Oil helps to soothe, relax and calm the senses to promote improved sleep quality. This benefit of improved sleep quality therefore supports the skin’s overnight repair cycle overnight in order to maximise skincare results by taking advantage of these repair benefits.

While lavender is commonly known for relaxation, it can have calming and stress-relieving effects on the skin. Chamomile helps calm the mind and body which assists in the process of falling asleep.

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What we say:
As a beauty editor, I try a lot of different product formulations, and what I’ve learnt about tissue oil over the years is that it’s probably the most versatile of all skin and body care products. In addition to massaging it all over your body for softer and smoother skin, you can use it to moisten cuticles, as a pre-wash hair treatment, add a few drops to your bath as a bath oil or mix some into your body lotion for more intense nourishment.

Justine Tissue Oil always comes to mind as it was the first of its kind on the market, and is still a favourite among beauty lovers today. The launch of Justine Tissue Oil Sleep Therapy Oil was such a welcome surprise. I love that it features all the nourishing ingredients from the original Tissue Oil, but with the addition of a few night-time favourites, such as lavender and chamomile.

It absorbs well, it smells heavenly and it makes skin feel soft and moisturised. I’ve been massaging some of this into the back of my hands and into my cuticles before bed, and I love how soft it’s made my skin (plus, the beautiful lavender and chamomile scent is welcome as I drift off to sleep!).

If you’re a Justine Tissue Oil fan, I can highly recommend trying this new addition.
– Anien, Editor

Justine Tissue Oil Sleep Therapy Oil can be purchased online at at R225.00 for 100ml.

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