Johnson and Johnson Baby Wipes

Johnson’s Wipes were designed to gently and effectively remove dirt from baby’s hands and face anywhere, anytime. Made with Johnson’s special No More Tear formula, these wipes are as gentle to baby’s eyes as pure water.


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  1. I use this in large quantities sometimes when I run out of make-up wipes. I find the Johnsons baby wipes to be the perfect substitute. I buy the 72 wipes in packs of 3 so they literally last me months.

  2. Johnson and Johnson wipes are definitely not only for babies. They are so gentle and removes all types of makeup easily.

  3. I never stopped using these for my daughter they are son gentle on the skin and the scent is pleasant and very affordable

  4. I love using these wipes at home. They are decently sized and priced for general home use. They do tend to leave behind a moist feeling, which can be unpleasant at times. I use them for freshening up after using the bathroom and wiping my hands after handling sticky things (when I don’t want to touch the sink or taps with same sticky hands), and wiping surfaces in a pinch. I do not use them for make-up removal. I always find myself wishing they were a disinfectant, but considering the general purpose, that wouldn’t be practical.

  5. These are so gentle on the skin. I only use these wipes for ‘initial’ makeup removal, especially eyeliner and mascara. The ‘no tear’ feature allows me to remove all my eye-makeup with no irritation at all. I usually follow with a makeup remover.

  6. I always have a pack of these wipes on hand – great to keep in your car or handbag. You never know when you might need to wipe your hands or freshen up.

  7. These are the only brand of wipes we use for our little granddaughter! And it’s safe for mommy’s skin as well!

  8. I am new mother of a 6 months old baby girl and I use Johnson and Johnson Baby Wipes. The best decision I ever made. It is very mild, soft and gentle.  It has a baby powder smell which lasts longer on the baby skin. It’s affordable and you can buy it in most shops. I even use it to remove my make up. It’s highly moistened and keeps the skin smooth and soft.

  9. This is one of the must haves for my babies! It smells fresh, it’s soft and does the work its needed to do :D I don’t leave home without a packet in my purse.

  10. I love wipes for myself especially during summer when you gets all sweaty very easily. and I especially love this brand

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