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CK One Long Wear + Shine Nail Color

After much anticipation, CK Colour cosmetics have finally made it to the South African shores. One of our favourite products from the range, this long wear nail colour is available in bold shades, making it perfect for spring. It lasts up to ten days and is applied easily, and streak-free.

What we say:
I’ve always been a big fan of Calvin Klein, so when I heard about the new CK Colour collection, I couldn’t wait to try the products. I opted for this brilliant shade of blue as I’m all for aquamarine and the colours of the ocean this spring.

First things first – I absolutely love the brush. It’s wide and flat, so it takes the shape of your nail when you use it and covers the surface beautifully. The formulation is thin and runny, yet thick enough to cling to the nail surface. It took two coats of colour to get an even cover, and my nails were left with a smooth surface and lovely shine. It lasted really long too, and I only removed it after wearing the colour for a whole week. Plus it’s surprisingly affordable – I expected a higher price from this sought-after brand.

All-in-all I was highly impressed and will definitely be trying more products from the CK brand.
– Anien


17 Responses

  1. The packaging is very pretty and I really like the brush. The formula is great and the colours are vivid. The polish also applies smoothly. But unfortunately I think it is really over-priced.

  2. I love keeping my nails natural, this polish has lasted on me for a week with only minimal fading at the edges. This CK nail polish is very shiny, wears incredibly well and dries FAST.

  3. I would love to try this as other nail polish brand states that they are long lasting and then start to chip within 1-2 day after applying

  4. This nail varnish looks fantastic. Any nail varnish that promises a chip free manicure for more than 2 days is a winner in my books. I cannot wait to see what other colours this range has to offer.

  5. Maybe it’s worth trying, so tired of nail polishes saying that they are long lasting and they don’t.

  6. This CK nail color looks amazing, I really want to try it. I have a whole box filled with different nail colors and this would be a great addition to the collection

  7. I wonder if this will give Revlon colourstay a run for it’s money? It definitely has much nicer packaging

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