DermaFix Age Defying Moroccan Argan Oil

DermaFix Age Defying Moroccan Argan Oil

Argan Oil is an organic nourishing elixir obtained from the kernels of the Argan Tree (Argania Spinosa) endemic to Morocco. DermaFix Argan Oil is 100% Pure EcoCert and Natrue organic certified Oil. Argan oil is a highly valuable skin care ingredient with regenerating and protecting properties.

Price: R415
Size: 50ml
Availability: Selected dermatologists, skin care professionals, doctors and medi-spas.

What we say:
All my friends rave about Argan Oil and the noticeable difference they had seen after a few weeks’ use.  I was eager to try it out when I finally got my hands on a bottle. The Dermafix Argan Oil is 100% organic – which means there are no additives and is also fragrance free. I have very dry skin and I have noticed that the cold, dry winter air had taken its toll on my skin and I found no matter how much moisturiser I applied, my skin never felt like it was adequately hydrated.

After using the Dermafix Argan Oil for one week, the results were wonderful!  I immediately noticed that my skin felt absolutely hydrated and provided a smooth canvas for the application of my foundation. My skin is very sensitive and quite often it is uneven in colour with red blotches. But after a week of dedicated application of the Argan Oil, the redness disappeared. The Dermafix Argan Oil is fast absorbing and you are left with hydrated and supple skin. The medicine dropper makes for easy dispensing and you only need a drop or two when applying to your face – which means a 50ml bottle lasts ages.

Not only can Dermafix Argan Oil be used on your skin, but you can apply it to your hair as a hair treatment and to your nails as a cuticle oil. I am loving the move towards face and body oils – and I have definitely found a great product with Dermafix!
– Janice


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  1. My name is Denise. I’m an old DermaFix facial product user. I’m 67 going on 68 years old shortly and I would say that my skin is in the category of dry to anti-aging. I find though that certain products that I have been using are not working on my skin as before. I would like to try Dermafix Argan Oil but I’m not sure when to apply this precious oil.
    I have also used Dermafix Hydra-Silk Cleanser but I find that it tends to leave my skin feeling tight. Is there an oil that I can add to the cleanser to help omit the tightness or perhaps another facial cleanser that I can try?

    1. Hi Denise, Dermafix is a great brand that offers highly effective solutions for all skin types. To find something best suited to your needs, we suggest getting in touch with Dermafix on 0861 28 23 23.

  2. I was beyond excited to be able to review this product. I know Dermafix from when I was still working as a beauty therapist so I knew I was just getting an awesome product in the form of the Dermafix Age Defying Argan Oil. Before I get to the results I would just like to share that my skin was in very bad shape due to pregnancy and neglect (I think all new moms can relate to this).
    The Dermafix comes in a glass bottle with a dropper now if I was forced to criticize one thing it would be the glass bottle due to the fact that I am scared of accidentally dropping the bottle other than that I love the fact that there is a dropper. This means that not a single drop of this magic potion has to go to waste, it also means that this oil can last you a good few months. I find that half a dropper is sufficient for my face, neck and decollete.
    The oil has no smell and the texture is beautifully silky, it also leaves no oily residue on your skin as it absorbs quite quickly so you are able to wear it underneath your make-up. It has been just under 2 weeks of use for me and I can honestly say that my skin has been transformed! My skin is re-hydrated, it looks radiant with a healthy glow, the fine lines underneath my eyes are reduced and I can even say that my pigmentation seems lighter. Overall my self confidence has been improved because I used to be so ashamed of the state of my skin and now I can look at myself in the mirror with no make up and be happy with what I see.
    With my skin looking so good now my make-up also appears better. My husband has commented on how lovely my skin looks twice now and need I remind you he is a man, they rarely notice anything!
    With that price one can definitely invest in this product, it is my new Holy Grail product. Thank You Beauty South Africa :)


  3. I had heard so many things about argan oil and how amazing it was for skin and hair. I decided after hearing everybody raving about it, to research a little further on this product. And once I was satisfied with the reviews and word-of-mouth, I went out to a health shop in Fourways and purchased a bottle. I used the oil in place of a serum every day and night after cleansing my face and just before apply my day/night cream.

    It works just as I would imagine a good serum would. Skin felt soft and supple in the mornings, and refreshed in the evenings. The oil also gives a glowy effect under makeup – but you must be sure to use a little amount when you apply it in the mornings just before you skin care and beauty routine or else your ‘glow’ will look more like an oil slick.

    I would recommend it if you are willing to swap out your current serum. The only reason I would swap out a serum for argan oil is the fact that argan oil (organic pure argan oil) is a natural product and has less of all the other ingredients they put into commercial serums sold in the market.

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