Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II

Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II dramatically reduces the look of every key visible sign of aging for a significantly younger look. Lines and wrinkles look significantly reduced and skin is strengthened to help prevent further damage. Proven effective for every ethnicity, this breakthrough in night repair is so effective, skin feels smoother, hydrated and stronger, and looks more translucent and even toned.

Price: R595

Size: 30ml

Retailers: Estée Lauder Counters and

What we say:
After hearing all the amazing results about Advanced Night Repair, I had to try it for myself. With a busy work schedule that includes lots of travelling, and a couple of late nights of working, my skin started to show the signs of stress. The most common sign was dehydration and fine lines. After using ANR for 6 weeks now, I can carry on with my busy schedule and have healthy skin too. My skin is far more hydrated than ever. I no longer have dry skin around my nose area and my fine lines that were visible have seemed disappear. I find that my skin doesn’t look ‘tired’ any more.

The bottle is the perfect size and comes with me on all my travels. I love the dropper as it decants the perfect amount so there is no wastage. The serum gets absorbed almost immediately into my skin and I apply my moisturiser immediately. There is no heavy feeling, just a healthy glow. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and I cannot wait to apply it each time. I even decant a drop into my tinted moisturiser for that dewy look. You use such a little bit and lasts forever.  This is one of my all time favourite serums and will be continue to grace my bathroom shelf.



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  1. I have been using this product daily for the past 3 months. I have not noted any changes in my skin, maybe just that my skin is more refreshed. The bottle has an easy applicator and it lasts quite some time (mine is still more than half), but for the price of this product versus the differences you see, I would not recommend it.

  2. I am a huge fan of Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II. A few drops applied to clean skin every night results in soft, smooth, hydrated, blemish-free, healthy skin. The product absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave an oily film on the skin. A little goes such a long, long way. This product isn’t just meant for persons looking to reduce signs of aging. I would recommend it to anyone irrespective of age who wants exquisite skin.

  3. It is not a bad product perhaps not for my skin type. I typically have dry skin and was advised to wear this before I put on my moisturiser. The texture is fine, does not leave an oily residue but I did not see any difference in my skin.

  4. I have been trying this product for about 5 days and the changes in my skin is remarkable. My pores are small and my skin is smoother.

  5. The first time i ever used the product was when i spent the night at a friend.We were having a girly sleep over doing the “usual” facials and manicures. I tried the night serum not expecting anything spectacular, as i have very problematic skin with mood swings of its own.The next morning when I woke up I could immediately see a difference. My skin looked refreshed and revived with a flawless smooth feeling and glow. There is definitely something magical in this product. Definitely an investment purchase.

  6. Due to neglect and over-exposure to sun when I was young, I sport dark spots on my face. I have spend literally thousands upon thousands of Rands on product that promised that sun, moon and stars on top of lightening these dark spots. HA!!! Money down the drain . . . So I was reluctant to even try this product. However, the skincare consultant was so confident of this product that she was willing to refund me the product out of her own product if I did not see a difference in 3 month’s treatment time. With that on paper, I actually had nothing to lose. I can honestly say that it works! I have now been using this treatment for 3 years and the dark spots are 70% lighter!

  7. Generally I struggle with pigmentation. Generally it is difficult to find a product which treats all aspects. Pigmentation products tend to burn my chick bone area. sensitive product do not treat pigmentation. I have tried a wide range of product from cheap to prestige but never have I had results as when I used ANR. It lives up to the what defines this generation “instant result” overnight there was a difference over the 7 days, people around me noticed the difference.

    The decision to purchase however needs to be a consideration and a well thought out plan it don’t come cheap but works.

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