Joop! Homme EDT

Joop! Homme

Joop! Homme is a sex-appeal in a daring fragrance. It is a timeless fragrance and a statement of masculine sensuality. It defines a perfect body, an assumed self confidence paired with the playful wit that makes him attractive  to women. Joop! Stands for the energy of today, positive provocation  and not taking oneself too seriously.

Price: R515 (75ml)

Retailers: Selected retailers nationwide.



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  1. Joop smells amazing, it has a very distinctive smell and I can smell it a mile away. I know it’s a mens perfume but I sprayed it on just to test and it’s pretty cool at how the smell changes, it goes very sweet on me! If I could afford to use it as a freshener for my car, home etc I definitely would, the scent is just mesmerizing!

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