label.m Dry Shampoo

label.m Dry Shampoo

label.m Dry Shampoo refreshes hair in between shampooing using natural Rich Starch to disperse oil. Also works as a brilliant matt texturiser for a soft-touch,velvet finish to the hair.

Price: R215
Availability: Selected retail stores nationwide


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  1. I make sure that I always have a bottle of dry shampoo at home for those days when my hair needs an instant refresh without the hassle of washing & drying. Since using dry shampoo though, I have never tried one from a professional hair care brand as I have found the drugstore brands to work well well enough.

    Boy do I wish I never tried the label.m Dry Shampoo – it is so good, but way too expensive! It is lightweight enough that my hair doesn’t feel super gritty & it also doesn’t leave any white residue in my hair!

    While I absolutely love this dry shampoo, I unfortunately will not be repurchasing it as I cannot justify the price tag.

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