Long & Lasting Silicone Serum

Long & Lasting Silicone Serum

Long & Lasting Silicone Serum can be used on any hair type for a smooth, sleek finish with incredible shine. Can also be used for weaves and is specially formulated  to smooth dry hair and control frizz. Long & Lasting Silicone Serum improves manageability, making hair easier to style and leaving a silky finish with a non-greasy feel.

Price: R29.99
Size: 50ml
Availability: Leading retailers nationwide


3 Responses

  1. A beautiful product, just wash hair with shampoo and conditioner of your choice and apply two to three drops. I mainly apply the product to the ends of my hair so ear length down to the tips. Leaves my hair soft frizz free and easy to manage. Ive shared this product with some of my friends too and theyve all said it works on their hair types too. Amazing product for the price point perfect for travelling too!!

  2. The product works but my problem is that I kept it in my cosmetic bag and it spilled and i thought I left it open even though it was closed. I went on to buy the product again because its a good product, it spilled again and I made sure it was closed. Two full bottles that I bought gone and my money wasted. Please improve the packaging of your product, even Rosemary packaging is better and it is a very cheap product.

  3. I recently bought this product for my weave and a week later I have developed a rash around my cheeks and my ears.

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