GlamPalm Professional Styling Iron

Experience the wellness benefits and the positive energies of a precious mineral or ‘healing stone’ found in the mountains of South Korea. This exclusive, patented healing stone is infused into the GlamPalm’s ceramic healing plates creating breathtakingly beautiful, shiny and healthy hair while protecting and even treating your hair.

Healing stone technology balances the natural state of the body, while cleansing, healing and protecting it from free radicals. GlamPalm’s proprietary plating process allows the wands to emit high levels of far infrared rays and anions, odourless, tasteless, invisible molecules that are breathed abundantly in mountain, beach, and aquatic environments. Anions, or negative ions, help smooth the cuticle layer of the hair, minimising damage to hair’s keratin and producing smooth, shiny and healthy-looking hair.

The styler’s ultra-soft custom ceramic plates allow for smooth hair flow and prevent damage, with speedy heating and heat recovery times significantly faster than other irons. The styler also comes with a handy heat resistant cap, and an automatic shut off feature when left unattended for 30 minutes.

What we say:
‘Over the years I’ve used some good styling irons, and then I’ve used some baaad styling irons. GlamPalm’s Professional Styling Iron is definitely one of the good ones.

‘It’s seldom that a heat styling tool not only protects your hair but also heals it as you use it. I’ve been using the GlamPalm styler few a weeks now, and while it hasn’t exactly restored my hair to its former glory, it definitely hasn’t made it any worse. I simply get hours of sleek, smooth, straight hair. I love that I can set the temperature, allowing me to decide just how hot I want the ceramic plates to be, while the cushioning of the plates allows for an even distribution of heat – and no pulling or pressure. There’s nothing worse than feeling a styling iron literally pulling your hair out at the roots! The GlamPalm styling iron also comes with a minute vibrate function, which helps minimize pulling as well. But I’ve come to rely on the vibrations as a reminder to stop applying the plates to my hair for too long.

‘I must admit that I’ve been brand loyal for years, using other styling irons in between but always going back to my old favourite. But GlamPalm certainly gives my old favourite a run for its money!’
– Megan


22 Responses

  1. I heard about the glampalm through facebook and I decided that I had to have it. After months of saving, I was finally able to buy it. It came in such a fancy bag and the carry bag is so gorgeous. It has made such a big impact in my life. After the first use I could see the difference, my hair became more smooth and shiny. It looked like I had gotten a hair treatment. My hair stayed frizz free for the entire day and it set perfectly. I would die without this product.

  2. When I first read reviews about the Glam Palm I felt I had to get my hands on one. I invested in one and was amazed at the results…at first. Glam Palm claims to use Healing Stone technology which supposedly does not damage your hair. Upon using the iron, the results are sleek, shiny, manageable hair. Unfortunately after the first wash, post-Glam Palm, my hair felt like it had been fried. It was dry and brittle. I ended up selling mine.

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