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Redken Volume Guts 10 Root Volume Spray Foam

Redken Volume Guts 10

Root targeted volume spray foam. All hair types. Medium control foam. Boosts hair with flexible fullness and bold, gutsy style. Lifts up the roots or provides all-over volume. Creates structure with flexibility. Directional spray for precise application.

Price: R282
Size: 300ml
Availability: Leading salons nationwide

What we say:
I have fine hair, so I am always on the hunt for hair care products that will provide lift at the roots for a more full looking style. As I also have very straight hair, I seldom give myself a “salon” blow dry and therefore I tend to opt for products that require little styling.

I have tried countless hair mousses that claim to provide volume, however without proper styling, they don’t actually work! When I got given the Redken Volume Guts 10 Root Volume Spray Foam I was excited to try it as other Redken products I have tried have always fantastic.

Unlike other hair mousse packaging, this spray foam is in an aerosol can! While the instructions advise to spray the product directly onto the roots, I found the pressure of the spray can dispensed the product too hard (and gave me a massive fright in the process). I rather sprayed the foam into the palm of my hand and worked it into my roots.

Once I have applied the spray foam to my roots I simply tip my head upside and roughly blow dry my hair. The spray foam definitely provides my hair with more lift in the roots and it does so without making my hair sticky or leaving some strands hard, as I have experienced with other hair mousses.

Since getting this spray foam I have used it every time I have washed my hair. Considering how much spray foam you get for the price, I think it is a steal. I will definitely repurchase it and recommend it to anyone looking for a mousse to add a bit of life to fine hair.
– Emily, BSA Social Media & Community Manager


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