Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL in Pillar Box Red

Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL in Pillar Box Red

For ice shattering maximum colour intensity, LIVE COLOR XXL is available in a range of COLOUR INTENSE shades. Developed with built-in colour protection for long lasting, intensively shiny hair, the Colour Intense range provides permanent and intense colours that are guaranteed not to fade. So, if you feel you’ve got the attitude, Schwarzkopf has definitely got the colour for you.

Price: R95
Availability: Selected Clicks stores.


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  1. Im very happy with the Pillar box red and trying to get more of it but struggle to get the colour if u could please be helpfull and tell me where else besides ordering on other sites would really appreciate that very much

  2. So far, so good. I’ve only dyed my hair 3 days ago so I’m not dealing with wash-out issues as yet. I was more shocked at the colour as my hair was white silver and the red was definitely not as bright as the box would have you believe. It definitely feels more of a deep burgundy red than a bright pillar box red as advertised. That being said, the colour was still great and I zhuzhed it up with the purple on top as well. My hair did definitely feel soft and healthy so at least the dye isn’t bad for the hair. I won’t say I’ve been converted from other red dyes I normally used BUT I do like the fact you can grab it at Clicks so it will be my go-to hairdye whenever I’m in a fix because this is the brightest red you’ll find in South African stores :)

  3. Being a lover of anything bright and beautiful, I tried New Pillar Red. Its a wash out hair dye for those who aren’t so brave to go permanent. The lighter the hair definitely the brighter the colour. Loved the new bright red look, hair felt smooth and looked shiny and healthy, but unfortunately it didn’t last very long after two washes most of the colour had washed out. Leaving me with pinkish hair which after two weeks is finally washed out completely. This the only down fall. But the actual look I got many compliments. Would be better if permanent

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