Shine-Ink geometric collection

Geometric design

Hip and edgy geometric designs perfect for the fashionista.

Price: R250
Availability: Selected salons and




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  1. The first time I saw these little transfers I was worried that they wouldn’t look nice on my fair skin, as I had only ever seen them on dark skin, on which they looked amazing. To my surprise, both the silver and gold looked great on me, proving that they really are suitable for any ethnicity. I received so many compliments while wearing them, and can definitely see myself purchasing some for special occasions like weddings or parties. My only criticism is that they don’t last very long. After my first shower my tattoo already had a few of the outer edges coming off, even though I didn’t scrub it. It took about two days for the whole picture to come off. That said, I will definitely be using them again as they are so unique and add so much glamour to an outfit.

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