Thierry Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum

Thierry Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum (Refillable)

This perfume bottle is reminiscent of a precious stone. Jewel-like, its facets express the radiance of the mysterious Thierry Mugler Alien fragrance.

90ml – R1195
60ml – R995
30ml – R715

Availability: Edgars & Red Square


16 Responses

  1. This is one of my favourite parfumes….my hubby got it for my birthday with the body lotion and body gel….it last most of the day…many ladies are familiar with the scent and tends to recognize it when i wear it…i love it……my girls call it sniffa-licious

  2. Paired with matching body creams Alien Absolue will leave heads turning to have a sniff of the beautiful fragrance you wear. This doesn’t fade or wear out, a very consistent scent.

  3. When it comes to Thierry Mugler Alien, don’t judge this scent by it’s rather freaky bottle. The slightly sweet juice inside the unorthodox purple bottle is gorgeous. Alien has notes of jasmine and wood which gives it a soft, oriental touch. This is a great perfume for warm summer days. Sillage and longevity is fantastic.

  4. I am wearing ALIEN for the first time and there is no going back. Everyone I come into contact with comments on the beautiful fragrance. It surrounds you with a delightful aura and you leave a trail of Alien in your wake. I fell in love with the bottle …but the fragrance is just up my street. I like a “heavier” fragrance and this is so me…even a friend commented if that is what an Alien smells like I would so like to meet them:-) The fragrance lasts all day without going sour or spoiling. If you try it and love it, you will wear it for ages. Plus it appeals and suits all ages….wear it with confidence!

  5. This is my favourite fragrance at the moment. I got a limited addition one a while back and I almost feel bad for using it as I want it to last forever. Compared to Angel from the same creator, I think this would be the more subtle one for a lack of better words; it is not subtle at all but just a bit lighter. The bottle is a beautiful, expensive looking, purple, glass bottle which has an alien feel to it as it doesn’t fit into the normal bottled fragrance look. It even smells purple if that makes sense. I couldn’t imagine it in another packaging. This is my go to perfume when I know that I have a full day ahead. It boosts me with confidence and makes me feel almost invincible. It has the same effect on me as wearing my favourite bold lippie. I adore the smell of Jasmine above all others as it is very feminine and oriental without being overpowering. This fragrance would suit all women who like a “kick” in their fragrances.

  6. With strong jasmine notes this perfume really makes me feel mysterious and sexy, I have always received compliments when wearing this scent. It is definitely a grown up perfume which is very in your face so its not for everyone. Its a scent that tends to linger in the room. I love this perfume but the price is a bit rough its R895.00 but well worth the splurge I think!This is definitely my all time favorite scent!

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