Trevor Sorbie Styling Salt Texture Spray

Trevor Sorbie Styling Salt Testure Spray

Formally known as Beach Hair, this light-hold Salt Texture Spray creates effortless, tousled waves with a matt texture. It is suitable for all hair lengths and types, and is extremely simple to use, making it the ultimate styling tool for creating a modern, relaxed hairstyle. This light-hold spray creates relaxed, tousled waves with a matt texture on all hair types and lengths – fantastic for effortless styling.

Price: R119.99
Availability: Exclusive to Dis-Chem.


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  1. I was hoping to achieve those elusive “beach waves” that are so often seen on runways.
    However, my curly hair was left with the same frizz – just a whole lot stickier. This might work on straight hair – but I think you will have the same sticky effect.

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