Products to avoid while you’re pregnant

Products to avoid while you're pregnant

Pregnancy comes with its far share of dos and don’ts and beauty products are no exception. Despite the fact that everyone likes to have their say, it’s notoriously difficult to test products and pregnancy, as no woman is going to willing give herself and her unborn baby up as a guinea pig. So there is much that is unknown about how products can affect you during your pregnancy. That said, there is a general consensus on some things. Here, five beauty products to avoid while pregnant:

Spray tan
DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is a product used in chemical (spray) tanning and it works by reacting with the top dead layer of skin, turning it brown. It doesn’t absorb into the skin below the dead layer and is therefore considered safer than lying in the sun. However, it is not known what damage can be done when these particles are inhaled and some studies say it may be mutagenic, which means it can damage DNA. Bottom line? Rock the natural look while you’re pregnant.

Skin whitening products
Skin lightening products  of all shapes and sizes are best to be avoided. They contain chemicals that interfere with the production of melanin, which darkens the skin. Mercury is no longer used, but the products still contain “cosmeceuticals” like hydroquinone or glutathione which have raised more than a few safety concerns. If pregnancy does cause your skin to darken or you get pigmentation, then wait until after your baby is born before undergoing any lightening treatments.

Exotic bath products
So in this case, cheaper is often better. A test by German green consumer magazine Eco Test show that high-end bath products use a lot of exotic ingredients that often include chemicals that can cause allergies. So leave off the posh stuff and stick to baby products. If they are safe for baby then they are safe for you when you are pregnant.

Heavy fragrances
Despite uncertainty around the effects of the chemicals found in fragrances, it’s widely acknowledged that they should be avoided in the first trimester. This is because many contain phthalates as carriers, many of which can be harmful and are rarely disclosed on the list of ingredients.

Teeth whitening
Peroxide is the active ingredient used in teeth whiteners and although it is safe for adults it is, again, unknown how it may affect an unborn baby. Because of this experts say it’s best avoided. Alternatively you can use whitening toothpastes instead. And don’t forget to brush, floss regularly and continue to visit your dentist for check-ups.

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  1. This is a very interesting article. I know that certain essential oils are also best avoided when going for massages. Really informative article, thank you.

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