Bionike Defence Hair Pro Restructuring Nourishing Mask

Bionike Defence Hair Pro Restructuring Nourishing Mask

Perfume-free, rinse-off cream specifically developed to treat hair that is dry, dull, fragile because of environmental stress, hair treatment using harsh chemicals and thermal-mechanical factors, and which therefore require a nourishing and protective treatment. Improves combing and makes the hair shaft smoother. Untangled, yet not weighed down, hair is left moisturised, soft and shiny again. This is a true, easy-to-use, rapidly effective beauty treatment. You use it as a hair conditioner, yet it provides results comparable to a professional hair pack treatment.

Price: R74.95
Availability: Dis-Chem stores.

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One Response

  1. This product does what it promises: It deeply nourishes and hydrates the hair, treating even badly damaged strands. I love the rich scent, and how silky my hair feels afterwards (and even with the product on!). An added bonus is that there aren’t any harsh chemicals or preservatives in the formula. I use this at least once a week for optimal results.

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