Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick

One-step, food-proof lipcolor with a patented ColorStay technology that lasts up to 24 hours.

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18 Responses

  1. i love revlon products, however i am not a fan of this type of lip products.. it dried my lips when i tried a sample and left it for 6 hours, although there are cool shades available i will not purchase this product

  2. The color did stay for a little longer, but it dries my lips. I tried with a lipbalm, which was a bit ok. Not a big fan of this range of lipstick.

  3. Hi tried this lipstick as I am a journalist and don’t have much time during the day to look in the mirror and put on lipstick. During the day I talk a lot and always have my water bottle near by for sipping on water. Also lethal to any lipstick. Unfortunately the liquid lipstick didn’t past a my real life test as it all disappeared from my lips by 11:00. Much of it could be find on my coffee mug and water bottle. I don’t think Revlon is honest if they describe this product as food proof lasting 24 hours. At least the colours are lovely

  4. Red is so gorgeous when worn with the right clothes and other make up. Dramatic lips are fabulous when you dont overdo the eyes. Loving this colour

  5. The colorstay glasses really last a good couple of hours!!!! The only thing on not crazy about is the sticky thing its going on when u rub ur lips together but hey the colours are amazing and you don’t have to apply lipstick every 30min.It’s a small sacrifice I cn make to have pretty lips for hours!!!!

  6. The ads of this product on magazines is brilliant that me and my friend purchased this exact color. It is colorstay indeed but the taste is awful and i find it very sticky. It sticks on my teeth and aits difficult to remove

  7. Although Revlon product do deliver the colorstay promise.I think they need to work on the smell,none smell edible. But its reasonable priced since you don’t have to do retouches all day.

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