VO5 Extreme Style RoughItUp Putty

Slept in, casual looks even for grown out styles. Hate that just washed feel? No worries, this will tame any fluff. roughItUp Putty gives you hold and texture that will last all day, but it’s also very touchable, so run your fingers (or somebody else’s!) through it and restyle all day long.

What we say:
‘This is my second time round using the product and I will get it again. VO5 is one of the brands in my arsenal and specifically one I use when I need a bit of extra hold. My hair is thick and heavy, so any product that cannot cope with that is useless to me.

‘What I like about it most is that it leaves no residual dry flakes like some products do, it’s not super sticky and it also does not have that old-school wet look. The smell is manageable but does not over power my perfume. Works well on semi-dry or wet hair, and really lasts an entire day.

‘Because it is a paste I put it in my hand luggage when I travel and have never had issues. It’s easy to get to with the pot and nothing goes to waste like sometimes happens with using pump action nozzle. My go-to product for those bad hair days.’
– JanieB


8 Responses

  1. I have used this product on my sons hair, it is awesome in creating funky styles and it holds for long, especially in the mohawk and spiky styles, etc

  2. This product is thick and looks like grime. It has extreme build up on your straightener and also smells a bit, is sticky and clingy. It leaves your pillows grimy at night also. I prefer the Matte Wax from Vo5 – works better.

  3. I use the VO5 Extreme Style RoughItUp Putty. This stuff is the best! have tried almost all the similar products and this wins hands down.

  4. I’ve used this product and it literally works like glue ones its on there is nothing that you can do to make it loose the desired shape, not even flaky .. Awesome

  5. Does wonders for my boyfriend’s spiky hair he loves this product and i think it’s a fabulous Putty

  6. Spot on JanieB, this is truly a remarkable product from VO5. Yip – guys can use it as well. Highly recommended and affordable too !!

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