TRESemmé InstantRefresh Dry Shampoo

This product is formulated to absorb excess oil and remove odour. No water is needed and it will help to revive limp, greasy hair in-between washes.

Price: R62.99
Availability: Leading retailers nationwide

What our Beaut Network Trial Team members say:


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70 Responses

  1. Perfect to use the night before I was too tired to wash my hair. Gives an instant refresh where my friends have even commented about how clean my hair looked that day.

  2. I absolutely love TRESemme InstantRefresh Dry Shampoo. I use the normal to oily hair variant as I struggle with terribly oily roots and terribly dry ends. InstantRefresh keeps my hair oh so fresh and glossy in-between washes. Hair is instantly transformed. A little goes a long way. Two thumbs up for affordability!

  3. Smells great but there are better performing dry shampoos out there. Not the best for dark hair. Won’t be repurchasing.

  4. I liked this dry shampoo, although I have blonde hair so you don’t see the product clearly in lighter hair, but I don’t think it’ll work well for darker hair. The smell is great. Not a bad product, but I prefer Batiste’s dry shampoo.

  5. I do not like the dry shampoo range. It looks like you put baby powder in your hair. Ladies, water and TREsemme. Smooth Keratin is my favorite hair care routine for now anyway until a new and better product launches!

  6. Besides that, some say the hair still looks dirty. Seems to me the product might not go with dark hair.

  7. I am not a fan of this product. I have a can of my own that just hangs out at the back of my cupboard. It is not a patch on Batiste.

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