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Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

It’s a blush revelation! Now, a brand new bouncy texture gives you your freshest flush. Formulated with silicone elastomers, this revolutionary gel formula is lightweight like a powder, yet melts into skin like a cream.

Price: R89.95

Availability: Selected retailers nationwide.

What we say:
As an oily-skinned girl, a powder blush is my best friend. Not only does it look more natural on my skin, but it helps absorb excess sebum too. I tend to stay away from creamy blushers as they encourage the dreaded shine I try so hard to conceal. This blush seems to be the perfect fusion of cream and powder.

When I first tried it, I struggled a little bit to get a hang of applying it. It is soft and bouncy, almost like putty, and has a very lightweight and moist feeling. I initially had some trouble with the application because although I had the colour on my fingers, I couldn’t get it to spread easily on my cheeks. After trying to apply it with my make-up sponge, I got much better results.

The colour lasted all day long and gave my skin a subtle glow, though it did not make me look oily or shiny in any way. I really liked how lightweight it is and that it doesn’t make my skin feel clogged or cakey. I tried the plum shade, but will definitely give peach and pink and try too.
– Anien


9 Responses

  1. When buying this blush I thought I would be sorry but to my surprise I was not, I usually tend to go for a powder blush because I have an oily skin and just was worried this would make my skin look even more oily. It DIDN’T it left my cheeks with a lovely pinky glow and lasted the whole day, it did not make my skin oily at all and really blended well. It is also really affordable and a great product to have in your make-up bag, I was definitely proven wrong by this blush and will continue to use it! It felt very light on my skin and did not clog my pores. what I like about it is that it is very buildable if you want a darker blush. This is a keeper.

  2. I was intrigued by the amount of positive reviews on this product and because I prefer a cream blush to a powder, I knew I had to try it.
    It was hard to decide on a shade as my local Click’s store didn’t have any testers.
    I settled on Plum Wine which is seems quite dark in the pot but when applied it’s the perfect shade of pink for my skin tone. This blush is creamy and pigmented and goes on smooth. This is definitely a product I will buy again! love it!!!!

  3. I love a fresh, dewy, natural look. This cream blush works wonders for this. Doesn’t make the skin look oily or feel sticky, but rather radiant and smooth. Buildable colour. Great price. Will definitely re-purchase and build my collection if and when more colours become available.

  4. This is like ice cream for your cheeks!I recently purchased this product and man, it has not disappointed. The texture is so creamy and I always poke at it because it’s so ‘bouncy’. This blends amazingly and is very pigmented. I start slow and then build it up. You need this!

  5. I definitely have mixed feelings about this blush. I love the fact that it’s creamy but I felt that it wasn’t as pigmented as I really needed my blush to be. The price is also not that cheap. I guess it does depend a lot on type of skin you have.

  6. I’m in love! This product ads such a glow to your final makeup look. It gives you an English rose appeal.

  7. I feel exactly like a blushing pink rose. I get complemented on this blusher, does justice to my skin tone. Highly recommended.

  8. I haven’t gotten over this blush yet, so mind me if I sound like a 10 year old with a new toy! Creme blushes scare me because I have really oily skin, I was really hesitant when I heard about this blush, but I’ve also read raves apon raves about this product which got me to give it a try.

    So what is the product? According to Maybelline it ” feels lightweight like a powder yet melts into skin like a cream” I really don’t think I can explain it any better. The texture of this blush is really one of a kind, it has a soft fluffy kind of feel, and I was tempted quite a few times to press my finger into the blush.

    So I took this blush to India with me, because it was quite compact and the love affair had started. I have become obsessed with this blush, that I am afraid of forgetting it somewhere or running out of the product! I really love how it melts into skin, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth with a light shimmer.

    Now you have to admit, finding the right blush is so hard, but once I tried the plum wine, I knew this was the blush for me. It is so simple to use, just lightly swipe your finger over the silky smooth light texture and transfer to cheeks in circular motion, I’ve even tried applying it with a Blender Baby, and WOW it gives cheeks a beautiful flushed but absolutely natural airbrush look.

    I’d really recommend you give this blush a try, it is easy and compact, but just remember when using the blush, apply it before powder, it sets much better. So ladies… Look forward to falling in love with this amazing soft and fluffy blush!

  9. Love the texture and colour payoff of this product! I’ve found it is best applied with fingers and blended with a flat foundation brush :)

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