Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse Permanent Colour

Fitting perfectly in your hand, the innovative pump dispenser creates a mousse which is light and fluffy and makes it so easy to get a completely even colour application, reaching those hard-to-reach places, such as the back of the head and stubborn temples – it’s as easy as shampooing your hair. The formulation is ammonia free, so it’s gentler on the hair and leaves no chemical smell. The accompanying rich repair conditioner contains soy protein and orchid extracts, which smell delicious and cares for the hair, leaving it shiny and sleek with beautifully deep colour and 100 percent grey coverage.

What our Beauty Master says:
‘I was in urgent need of hair colour and have been watching the shelves in the stores for the perfect colour and a good price, but I have to say that I have not seen this product at our local supermarkets as yet. I therefore used the product IMMEDIATELY as my hair had grown out quite a bit already.

‘I love the packaging, and the fact that the colour chart at the back actuallylooks like the end product. It matched my hair very nicely, and covered thegrey perfectly. I am amazed! The instructions were clear and easy to follow and the mousse applicator is wonderful, easy to mix, easy to use, and easy to apply. I did, however, have to use the product extremely sparingly as I have thick shoulder length hair. I would have liked the product to have more mousse, as I will end up having to buy two boxes to properly cover my entire head. I have extremely thick and horrible grey hair (yeah, I know only 35 and grey as can be), which grows at an alarming rate. We actually measured it at one stage, average of 7cm per month. Because of this I have to touch up quite regularly. The norm is that I wait for somebody to assist me with the entire dye-process as I tend to have more dye on my face, ears and neck than on my hair! I decided to attempt the dye-process on my own. No hassles, I parted the hair in thin strands with a comb, applied the mouse and VOILA! Easy as pie. Now I never have to sit around and wait for somebody to assist! Thanks Schwartzkopf for this superior product!

‘The conditioner has a great smell and left my hair soft, silky, smooth and easy to manage. I just wish this conditioner could be bought separately!

‘I really think the companies who manufacture hair dye should think of offering more than one pack size. One for short hair, one for medium hair, one for long hair, one for thick hair, one for thin hair etc. I have spoken to many of my friends who all use dye products and they all agree with me. In my case my hair is shoulder length but three times as thick as a normal person’s hair. If I purchase one box, it’s not enough, if I purchase two boxes I might just make it.’
– Maria Meyer


5 Responses

  1. I haven’t given this one a go yet… The foam scares me a bit. I normally ask my Mom to dye my hair and I use a Blue Black dye so if you mess it on your skin you look like a crazy loon for a few days. I might give this a go this month though.

  2. just love this product and its a brand that has been around and well known. love that its good for my hair and wont harm it.

  3. Results are perfect. Imparts rich hues to your hair and leaves it soft and silky. Wonderful!

  4. My sister used this and she is crazy about it. I helped her out with the application thereof and I must say … it looks and smells great

  5. I just love this product. I use the Light Golden Brown 6-65 on my medium brown hair and the colour result is amazing. The fact that it doesn’t contain Ammonia is such a bonus – no more harmful chemicals. It leaves my hair soft and shiny. The fact that it is a Foam Colour makes application so much easier.

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