Redefine your features in 28 days with Diego Dalla Palma Professional FilLift

Redefine your features in 28 days with Diego Dalla Palma Professional FilLift 1

A youthful-looking face is not only linked to less wrinkles on the skin, but is also a matter of harmonious proportions and fresh-looking expressions.

Over time, wrinkles appear, but the face also loses its harmony: the skin sags, the distribution of volumes changes, there is an increase in hollow areas (temples and cheeks), and the contours lose definition. Facial expressions change as well: facial features harden, expression wrinkles become permanent and eyes appear less fresh.

Enter Diego Dalla Palma Professional FilLift, a skincare range designed to redefine, fill and smooth skin in as little as 28 days.

FilLift offers anti-ageing benefits inspired by aesthetic medicine to remodel the face oval and facial volume and to fight deep wrinkles and fine lines. The innovative global anti-ageing action of the FilLift line is based on the synergistic use of cutting-edge active ingredients that are inspired by the new combined techniques used in aesthetic medicine.

Active ingredients
FilLift is enhanced with Collalift®18, a skin-sheathing protector of collagen and a highly-effective active ingredient. It stimulates the production of collagen XVIII, the only type of structural collagen found in all layers of the skin. Collagen XVIII wraps around the support structures within the various layers of skin, making the volumes and contours of the face more harmonious.

Dermaplex peptides have powerful filling properties to increase skin density and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It stimulates the production of structural proteins in different skin layers.

The range also makes use of Amplified BTX hexapeptide-1. A neuropeptide with a dermo-relaxing effect, this powerful ingredients has shown results similar to that of botulinum toxin. It counteracts the continuous micro-contractions of facial mimic muscles (which cause expression lines) by promoting the processes of relaxation of the muscle and reducing the release of molecules that promote muscle contractions.

Redefine your features in 28 days with Diego Dalla Palma Professional FilLift 2

The range consists of three high-performance products:

FilLift 24-Hour Remodelling lifting Effect Cream (R1550.00)
Offering 4D remodelling action, this anti-ageing moisturiser redefines the contours of the face, smooths out expression lines, harmonises the volumes of the cheeks and other empty areas of the face and reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

FilLift Smoothing Eye and Lip Contour Cream (R1150.00)
The combined action of Collalift®18 and Dermaplex peptides works to strengthen the collagen in all layers of the skin, reducing the appearance of droopy eyelids, crow’s feet, dark circles, puffiness, expression lines and vertical lip lines.

FilLift Hyalu&Collagen Filler 30 Days Treatment (R1450.00)
Like a shock treatment to the skin, this lifting and filling concentrate is inspired by the combined techniques of fill-boto injections. It acts on the deepest of wrinkles (including nasolabial ones) and utilises Collalift®18 and Dermaplex peptides to stimulate the production of collagen and re-harmonise the volumes and contours of the face.

FilLift is available from select spas and salons. Contact (021) 701 2900 for stockist details.

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This post was sponsored by Diego Dalla Palma Professional.

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  1. I would loved to try out your products on my skin and see how it works. If u can send me samples of each product. Thanks M Ahrendse

  2. Fit for a queen who has always looked after her skin, but as age is taking its natural toll a little extra care is most welcomed

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