Rejuvenate your skin (this winter) with Limelight

Rejuvenate your skin (this winter) with Limelight 1

Sooner rather than later is always the best time to invest in treatments that can preserve or rejuvenate your skin. Still, some treatments are ideally suited to winter and a Limelight session is one of them.

For those not in the know, Limelight is a fourth generation medical IPL device that can be used on the face and body of anyone with a paler skin type as young as their early twenties. It has several settings and, depending on which you use, it can effectively target a multitude of concerns that include superficial pigmentation, unwanted freckles and blotchiness as well as redness relating to broken or dilated blood vessels and the flushing of rosacea.

How does it work?
LimeLight has three settings, program A, B and C. The A program can shrink broken blood vessels and diffuse redness. This is ideal for rosacea sufferers and, while it can’t cure the condition, it can make a big improvement. The C pattern focuses on minimising the appearance of “brown marks”, essentially pigmentation.

As for the B program, this is a blend of the A and C settings, so it’s the ideal setting for anyone struggling with both “red” and “brown” discolouration. Also, as an added bonus, all three programs encourage your skin to produce more collagen, so it can help firm in the long term too.

Immediately after treatment, your skin might be a little red but this usually doesn’t last more than a day. Any dark marks treated will initially darken, but soon flake away before starting to fade. Depending on what you’re treating and the severity of your concern, you’d need between two to six LimeLight treatments scheduled three to four weeks apart to get optimal results.

Why is winter the time to do it?
Much of the damage that Limelight is able to correct is induced by the sun and high temperatures. This is why the chillier, cloudier, “indoor months” of winter are the ideal time to start your treatment. This way, your skin can recuperate in ideal temperatures and you’re not going to be set back to square one thanks to an extended period of accumulative sun damage.

Also, you should know that winter dryness really is a “thing”. As cold air is a lot drier, it tries to restore the status quo by pulling moisture from everything around it, including your skin. It’s this sudden parchment that can mess with your skin’s barrier function, resulting in sensitive skin that’s more prone to blotchy-looking redness. Again, this makes winter the perfect time for a series of Limelight sessions.

The bottom line
If you’re on the paler side of the skin shade spectrum and are dealing with any kind of unwanted brown or red skin discoloration, you could be a great candidate for Limelight. To know for sure, make an appointment to see one of our highly skilled doctors that can make an assessment and prescribe the ideal solution. If you’ve got darker skin, you won’t be suitable for Limelight, but can still benefit from laser and light treatments. We have a wide array of machines and many are suitable for skin of all colours. Again, one of our doctors can assess the severity of your concern and suggest the ideal device. If you get in touch today,  we can have you looking your most radiant best – just in time for summer!

This post was sponsored by Skin Renewal.

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