I received a GlamPalm as a Christmas present from my dad because I needed a new straightener. When I received the GlamPalm I was amazed. I had read about it in the newspaper and online, but I didn’t know it could do such wonders.

Immediately after receiving it, I rushed and opened the box to find an amazing straightner in the most amazing presentation Box (honestly, I was impressed just at the presentation of the box, with the silver satin and the clutch bag with sectioning clips, it was all included for a more successful straightening).

As I begun to straighten my hair, I noticed that my hair was shiner and looking more silky, I didn’t really worry that much until I was done, I noticed silkier and softer hair with a glamourous sheen. And the compliments about my silky hair kept coming :)

Someone had even asked me at campus what hair silicone and treatment I used because my hair looked amazing, when I had told her that it was all because of my new GlamPalm hair straightener, she was shocked.

In fact that’s what I love about MY GlamPalm, I don’t have to use any products on my hair, no serum, no silicone and no heat protector spray. My GlamPalm will always keep my hair looking amazing with no damage.

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