I am one of very few people that don’t love Essie nail polishes. When I started doing my own manicures I decided to invest in some good products (including Essie) rather than paying someone else to paint my nails for me.

The best thing about Essie is the insane colour range! WOW! No other brand has as many beautiful colours to choose from. I found a few gorgeous nudes that just are not available in the same shades in OPI for example.

The cons:
The brush is very thin. I know a lot of people prefer this for precise application, but I find it tends to leave streaks and doesn’t pick up enough product.
The colours do not last… Mine starts chipping after 2 days (max 3) even when it is professionally done in a salon.
The base and top coats are not amazing and take really long to dry (top coat especially).