This is my favourite fragrance at the moment. I got a limited addition one a while back and I almost feel bad for using it as I want it to last forever. Compared to Angel from the same creator, I think this would be the more subtle one for a lack of better words; it is not subtle at all but justĀ a bit lighter. The bottle is a beautiful, expensive looking, purple, glass bottle which has an alien feel to it as it doesn’t fit into the normal bottled fragrance look. It even smells purple if that makes sense. I couldn’t imagine it in another packaging. This is my go to perfume when I know that I have a full day ahead. It boosts me with confidence and makes me feel almost invincible. It has the same effect on me as wearing my favourite bold lippie. I adore the smell of Jasmine above all others as it is very feminine and oriental without being overpowering. This fragrance would suit all women who like a “kick” in their fragrances.