So as a person with acne scars foundation was a constant battle for me. The battle in this was affordability and of course coverage. Cheap foundation give me little to no cover so one day I set out looking for a affordable foundation that will give me the coverage I need and that can suit my budget. I went to clicks and browsed all the shelves until I stopped at the essence display and I saw the make up to match foundation.

Although skeptical, I thought why not try it? It was affordable and I was desperate to try anything new. I went home and the next morning decided to test the foundation on my skin and boy was I amazed by the transformation on my skin. My skin felt soft and light and covered all of my scars perfectly. I was amazed by the shade and the matte picture perfect finish staring back at me. I am an essence addict to the very end and would recommend this product to anyone. It basically saved my life because I’m more confident at work which means I get more clients :-)