I had heard so many things about argan oil and how amazing it was for skin and hair. I decided after hearing everybody raving about it, to research a little further on this product. And once I was satisfied with the reviews and word-of-mouth, I went out to a health shop in Fourways and purchased a bottle. I used the oil in place of a serum every day and night after cleansing my face and just before apply my day/night cream.

It works just as I would imagine a good serum would. Skin felt soft and supple in the mornings, and refreshed in the evenings. The oil also gives a glowy effect under makeup – but you must be sure to use a little amount when you apply it in the mornings just before you skin care and beauty routine or else your ‘glow’ will look more like an oil slick.

I would recommend it if you are willing to swap out your current serum. The only reason I would swap out a serum for argan oil is the fact that argan oil (organic pure argan oil) is a natural product and has less of all the other ingredients they put into commercial serums sold in the market.