To tell you the truth, I heard of Catrice but I really didn’t know the products were available at DisChem and were quite affordable, I was walking around DisChem when I came across the Catrice section, I had a look at the nail polishes and I was hooked. The polishes were so bold and exquisite, and they had certain polishes which were dimension polishes (polishes which change colour when you turns your nails.

I purchased 840 Genius In The Bottle, which is a dimension polish,the colours change between gold, turquoise, green and blue. I actually really liked the colour in the bottle which is why I purchased it, I also love dimension polishes (I have a collection of Yardley Twist Polishes which are dimension polishes).

As soon as I opened the bottle I was happy to see the application brush was wide enough to paint my nails perfectly without streaks and lines, because the polish has dimensions, imperfections can’t really be seen. The colour is so intense that I actually only needed one coat of the polish.

The polish took less than 5 minutes to dry, and had a beautiful finish, the polish felt sheer on my nails, and my nails felt like they had no polish on at all. The polish has a lovely colour and texture and I will certainly be purchasing different colours.

I’d recommend this product to anyone who loves nail polishes which are unusual and stylish. This product is also very economical and cost around R35 which I feel is very affordable for a nail polish like this.